All About Facebook Messenger Jewel Star Game Online

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Facebook messenger jewel star game is another game on the facebook messenger instant games. This game was basically programmed in HTML 5. Of course, this game is an amazing game that you can use to show off your talents to your friends. The jewel star game is a very fun game to play. I enjoy playing this game a lot when challenging friends.

Facebook messenger jewel star game

How To Play The Facebook Messenger Jewel Star On Instant Games.

The jewel star game can be played on two different platforms. It can be played using facebook messenger or on the facebook web page on PC. Some rumors have it that this game can only be played using the web version of Facebook on PC.

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Playing this game requires some special skills because it is a race against time. In this game, you have to match all three same type of jewel to get fuel and increase your time. As you keep on playing, your score will keep increasing. But to play this game, a Facebook account is very necessary. To open a Facebook account,

  • Advance to using any web browser.
  • Now, fill the form you see on the page you are directed to, just in case you do not see a sign up form, simply click the sign up link you can find at the extreme bottom of the page.
  • After filling the form with all of the required information, such as your first name and last name along with other relevant data.
  • Validate your mobile number or email address to continue,
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After the validation process, you would automatically be logged in to the official facebook website. Note that that the home page can only be accessed by those who have an account with facebook. After getting the account, what’s next is playing this game.

How To Play Facebook Messenger Jewel Star Game On Messenger

  • Install messenger app from your device app store or google play store.
  • Launch the messenger application and log in with your facebook account information.
  • Immediately your news feed is loaded, hit the search bar and type in “instant games”.
  • Hit the enter button to get to the instant games homepage.
  • On the instant games home page search for “jewel star” and hit enter.
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Click on play now and start playing jewel star instantly.

How To Play Facebook Messenger Jewel Star Game With Friends On The Web

  • Log in to facebook on the web using any device.
  • Click the games tab on the left side bar.
  • When you get to the official instant games home page, search for “jewel star” and click it.
  • Click on the play now tab and start playing.

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