All About Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game Online Tip

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Facebook Messenger last knife game  – Welcome to my blog. Today, I would be talking about a really amazing feature on the Facebook messenger. Some of you reading this post already know of this feature but you are wondering how to use it.

Sincerely speaking, that is the main essence of this article. In this article, I would be talking about Facebook Messenger last knife game.

After reading this content you would learn all of the secrets of the last knife game and get remarkable scores that would keep your friends amazed. First of all, the Facebook Messenger last knife game is one of the many games that the Facebook messenger instant game hosts.

Facebook Messenger last knife game

Speaking from my experience, having played this game, I can say this game is an easy but fun filled game to play. The main aim of anyone playing this game is to get high scores. I can boldly tell you that you are not the only one playing this game, statistics from Facebook has shown that there are over 6.5 million players around the world playing this game on a  daily basis.

This game is one of the best reflex based arcade game. In this game, players throw knifes at a circling object. The rule of the game is that you do not throw two knifes to one spot. If this is done, you would be disqualified instantly and get a summary of your total score.

How To Play The Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game On Mobile Device

Playing this game is very easy to access and play. Follow the steps below to play the Facebook messenger game using your mobile device.

  • Make sure your device is up to date as the game won’t play otherwise.
  • Download and install the official Facebook Messenger App on your device (you cannot use messenger lite).
  • After installing, launch the app.
  • On launching, you would be required to log in to your facebook account.
  • From the chat page on the Facebook messenger app, search for “last knife”.
  • Hit the first result and wait for the game to be loaded.

When the game fully loads, you can start playing and even invite friends to play with you.

How To Play The Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game On PC

Follow the steps you see underneath to start playing the facebook messenger last knife game on your PC.

  • Log in to your facebook account through
  • After logging in, search facebook for instant games and click on the first result.
  • Now, search the instant game platform for last knife using the available search bar.

Click on the result and start playing.

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