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The Zoom app is a web-based video and audio telephone app that allows users to meet online through a Wi-Fi or data connection. It’s also a social media platform that has Skype’s features with the fact that it allows video conferencing.

Its features vary widely around providing videotelephony and online chat services as it offers different kinds of communication services for online meetings. It’s the best option for virtual online meetings as it allows you to video or audio call while live chatting.

It features are flexible and free as it works just as good for businesses and firms as individuals. The Zoom app allows you to hold meetings at your convenience by scheduling and retrieving a meeting I.D. This meeting I.D you will have to communicate to those whom you want to join the meeting.

The feature above is called a Zoom room, although it’s not free, it’s the best way to carry out online meetings. Normally Zoom allow up calls of up to 100 people for a 40 minute time limit but under paid plans, that number increases to 1000.

zoom app

Its video calling quality is as good as its features. It allows screen sharing which makes it possible for calls to go either way i.e you can see what the other people on the call or video conference see.

Update Your Zoom App

The Zoom platform has seen an outraging increase in the number of users it has during the COVID 19 season. With improvements come risks and new challenges, that bring about the topic of reports of illegal activities on the platform and this is affecting its services.

Hence Zoom released a new update for its app that will help improve and make the app more secure. This update creates a more secure platform out of Zoom by bringing features such as GCM calls encryption.

Zoom announced that in order for users to keep using its services via its app, they must update it to the new version just released before the 30th of May. To update it head to your device’s respective app stores and proceed to update the app.

You could also visit Zoom’s website and follow their prompts to update your Zoom app.

Download the Zoom App

One of the attributes that give this app a spearhead over other apps that offers the same services as it does is the fact that it works for almost all kinds of operating systems. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and IOS.

The Zoom app lets you sign in to your account via Facebook, Gmail, or SSO and it easily lets you create a meeting or join one. You don’t need to access Zoom via the web when you have the Zoom app, it entirely kills the stress. Although it’s possible to join meetings in Zoom via a web browser, it’s tricky as you will be prompted to download the app unless you use the meetings URL or link.

The desktop version of its app lets you can start a live record or broadcast and also create polls.

Androids or IOS devices

  • Open the app store on your device.
  • Navigate to the app section and search “Zoom” on the search bar.
  • Proceed to download the app to your device.


This desktop version of the Zoom app does have some more features than the mobile app version, although all Zoom attributes functions depending on your subscription.

You could download the app for your PC from your PC’s app store. Open the app store and search Zoom on the search bar and proceed to install the app to your device.

Alternative Download

For devices be it PC or mobile, experiencing challenges downloading the Zoom app via their specified app store, there is an alternative download process you could try out.

  • Open your web browser and search www.Zoom.US/download.
  • On the Zoom page, just below the “Zoom Clients For Meetings” link, click on “Download”.
  • Adhere to your browser’s prompt and proceed to download the file to your device.
  • For PC, once it finishes downloading, navigate to your downloaded files section on your system.
  • Startup the file set-up thereby installing the app to your device.