Sun. May 16th, 2021
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Zoom Sign In – Every online conferencing service provider has been upgrading and improving its features, working to satisfy and beat its user’s tastes. From Whatsapp to Skype or Hangouts meet, the competition keeps getting better.

Video conferencing has become quite acceptable among people especially for businesses as a way of reconnecting and communicating. Zoom offers services that can be used for large online conferencing under paid plans.

It’s easy to use and it’s integrated with a lot of services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Cal, and so on. its free plan allows you to host up to 100 participants for 40 minutes or less, to increase or remove that limitation, you will have to start paid subscriptions. Its plan prices are reasonable and affordable as it comes with a lot of Packages.

zoom sign in

Zoom also has a plan that allows you to host webinars of up to a thousand people. it prices at around $32- $40.

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Sign Up For Zoom

You could do this via the app or its website, either way, it almost the same process. Navigate to the Zoom app or website ( Click on Sign Up and begin the process.

Confirm your date of birth and your email address. An activation link will be sent to the email you registered with Zoom, check your mail, and tap on the activation link.

The next step is where you start filling your account’s info i.e names, mobile number, and password. Creating an account with Zoom is quite easy especially if you created an account via Google or Facebook. To do that, just click on the “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Facebook”.

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Zoom Sign In

Although you can set up your Zoom account using a web browser, signing in very much requires the app. Download the Zoom app and open it on your device, then click on “Sign in to a Zoom Account”.

Enter your login details used in signing up for your Zoom account and click on the “Sign In” button below.

Created your account via Facebook or Google, there is also a link to sign in with Google or Facebook. Once you open the app, the first page that appears has those links, locate and click on it.

Zoom Forgot Password

Trying to sign in to your Zoom account, but you can’t remember or input your password correctly, don’t get bothered, just reset it.

  • Tap on a web browser on your device to open it.
  • Search
  • Enter the email address of the account you are trying to retrieve its password.
  • Once you submit, an email will be sent to the email address you entered. Check your mail for an email with a Zoom account activation link. It might take some time for it to appear, so you might need to be patient a bit.
  • Found it, click on the activation list immediately. This link is only valid for 24 hours after which it expires and you would have to go through this process again.
  • Create a new password, confirm it, and finish up your password recovery process.

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