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This may probably be the first time you are hearing the word “Wordscapes” and the funny thing is that you are dumbfounded because you don’t know what the word is all about. Well for clarity purpose, wordscapes is a game that can be played across various devices. I cannot say this game is a mobile game because it can be played on PC and I also cannot say this game is a PC game because it can be played on mobile devices. So you see, it all boils down to one main purpose and that I fun. The wordscapes game is an international game, hence played by millions of people around the world.


Playing Wordscape game

This game can be quite intoxicating because of the sense of fun and trust it brings. This game is one of the most educative spelling games you can find around. Wordscapes is a puzzle game created by PeopleFun. Playing this game can become hard sometimes, but that is the reason you why you need coins. Coin can be used to buy hints just to get past that level. There are different types of wordscapes games, but in this article we would be featuring the wordscapes game called “wordscapes in bloom”.

Wordscapes in Bloom

This is a word game where by you have to form words by simply using your fingers to find, swipe and connect words together. From the sound of it, you already know that this is an educative game. The wordscape in bloom is the just the updated version of the original wordscape game we all know. This game was designed with an amazing theme that helps you get the idea you are in one of the most brilliant botanical garden. The developers of this game really did a great job.

How to play Wordscapes in Bloom

Before playing this game, you have to get it installed on your device. You can download this game from the google play store or the iOS stores. If you couldn’t find this game on your device play store, you could download it from external servers. After installing the game, simply launch it.

  • Wait for the game to load and hit the play button.
  • To play the game, just swipe letters from your board and use it to form a word on the spaces provided.
  • Every hint costs a hundred coins, make sure to only use them when you are lost.

Finally, coins can be earned or bought.

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