WhatsApp Alternative | 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

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What are the best alternative to WhatsApp? What happens if WhatsApp stops working on my device? What happens if I get bored of WhatsApp or I need to leave WhatsApp? These questions and what the best WhatsApp alternatives are, shall we tackle today.

WhatsApp without a single point of an argument is currently the best messaging app, with about 2 billion users, it’s about to overthrow Facebook as the king of social media. No one needs to tell you or me how efficient and useful WhatsApp has been to users at this hard times.

This app has helped in connecting people and their loved ones unable to reach each other through messaging, voice, and video calls. Personally I’d rate WhatsApp video calls an 8 out of 10.

Recently, I got some information from a trustworthy source that WhatsApp might not function on some devices any longer. It further stated that WhatsApp has some updates it is about to release and those updates won’t function well on some devices. So, it’s back to the questions above, what happens if you can’t access WhatsApp anymore? WhatsApp alternative.

whatsapp alternative

WhatsApp alternative is a list of apps or social media zones that look and works just like WhatsApp. Some are so good, you’d never miss WhatsApp.

10 Best WhatsApp Alternative

Here we go, take a seat and let me drive you through your options for a WhatsApp alternative.


This app is the basic definition of future WhatsApp. Although it is filled mostly with teens and young adults, it promises WhatsApp messaging features and more.

Most extra chat features on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are kind of derived from Snapchat.


This app possesses WhatsApp business features and it’s video call features. Skype works perfectly with business, so if you are looking for a WhatsApp alternative as a business, this is the right choice.

As per its video call features, I don’t think WhatsApp beats Skype when its comes to video calls.


This is the most similar app to that of WhatsApp, maybe except the colors, there is no other main difference. Telegram might be considered to operate better because of its groups, bots and public channel features.

Although it does not really have video calling features, it works well on PC and mobile devices alike. The only main downside of Telegram, when compared to WhatsApp, is its data or Wi-Fi consumption.

Google Hangouts

This app is on this list because of the simplicity it shares with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is my best messaging app because it combines messaging and socializing in one big simple package.

Google Hangouts does the same thing although not so much for socializing. This app is meant solely for the purpose of instant messaging and works with a Gmail account.


I remembered there was a time when I actually downloaded this app, but I deleted it the next day because most of my friends refused to join me on it.

It’s a very unique WhatsApp alternative with every feature and more. Support end to end encryption of messages, calls, and media contents. Furthermore, it can be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously unlike WhatsApp.


Before I proceeded to write this article, I explored different apps that had potentials of WhatsApp. Although I did not download this one, I used it for a while and it works just like WhatsApp.

It earned the nickname I gave it, “WhatsApp Twin”. Works on all kinds of smartphones and it could also be linked to your Facebook account. Doing this will enable you to connect with your friends on Facebook using WeChat.


This messaging app is not like any messaging app I have ever come across before. Wire is for those looking to leave WhatsApp and forget anything called WhatsApp ever existed.

It is a unique messaging app and also has every feature messaging apps possess. What makes it unique most is its user interface, its design, it not like any other have messaging app. Its an app to watch out for.


This app requires registration with an email account. It works like a WhatsApp and email interface combo, picking up all the good features and leaving the stressful ones.

It works more like WhatsApp and prioritizes user’s data protection, it also one of those WhatsApp alternative apps that work on PC or desktops.


A Switzerland based messaging app that works like WhatsApp, I am beginning to understand why WhatsApp has over 2 billion users. The only core difference is Threema’s unique features of taking user’s privacy extremely seriously. Also, it allows the set-up of polls and surveys like the ones on Twitter.

It’s the best WhatsApp alternative if you are looking for an app that’s not crowded and prioritizes user’s privacy. Do note that it’s not free, it’s a paid app.

Facebook Messenger

Considering Facebook owns WhatsApp, you’d just be moving from one Facebook-owned messaging app to another. Facebook messenger has all instant messaging and calls features of WhatsApp.

It also has a game room like Viber where you could play simple games while messaging on the app. What makes this app super interesting is its ability to function without a data or Wi-Fi connection, cool, right?

Every WhatsApp alternative app listed here works on IOS, Android, and Windows devices alike. For some like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Wire work perfectly on PC and Desktops.

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