Tinder Reviews – See What People are Saying About Tinder Dating Site

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Tinder reviews – There are lots of good dating website and app options here, whether you’re looking to meet new people, try casual dating, find others with shared interests or finally find your ideal match for a long term relationship – the Tinder dating site and the app is one of the best dating sites.

In today’s write-up, we will discuss mainly Tinder site reviews – users reviews on their experience while using either the Tinder online site @ www.tinder.com or the Tinder mobile app.  Read further…

Tinder has a consumer rating of 3.7 stars and about 500 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. 

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From a core Tinder site user…

 Basically, any online dating apps and sites aren’t that effective. I’m not necessarily saying they don’t work, but they don’t work all the time, and it is pretty rare to find that ‘one person’ for you on these sorts of things.

But this is about Tinder, and Tinder works pretty similarly to most ‘dating’ apps. The first time I used Tinder was back in 2015 (I don’t use it anymore). It’s probably changed a lot by now. However, the swipe features are very, verybased on physical looks. Period.

There’s hardly any, if any, a chance for an unreasonably unattractive person to have any kind of ‘chance’ with an unreasonably more attractive person. Everything is based on physical looks, everything.

You swipe a certain way if you like that person or you swipe if you don’t like that person. Basically, if you use Tinder to find someone to date (romantically), it’s probably not going to end up what you have in your thoughts, at least from the stories I’ve heard from friends and friends of friends.

From another tinder user…

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  Using Tinder is exciting and overwhelming considering the number of members that I was able to choose from. Most of the matches that I found have very few information on their profile. I don’t have a way to know more but to like them and wait for them to like me back. Honestly, I hesitated to do that because I have no assurance that the user is not fake. In the end, I still tried to swipe right. So far, my matches were nice and they sent decent messages, too. I might be lucky not to encounter disrespectful members then.” 

However, Tinder has helped a lot of it’s app and site users, especially those who lack face-to-face dating opportunities, to start and ignite the journey of finding a real date. Regardless if you stay in the house the whole day or get stuck at work every day till night, you still have a chance to meet someone that you might want to date.

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