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Tinder Gold Free- Tinder is an online dating app. It happens to be one of the best online dating platforms in the world today boasting of 30 billion matches to date. It’s the perfect platform for someone who seeks love and a partner to share it with. It’s a great tool for both the serious-minded people who wish to find a partner to spend a lifetime with and also for the casually minded people who wish to just have fun chatting and hanging out with dates in the short term.

Tinder Gold Free has really risen to the top of the game when it comes to online dating, as it is widely popular among young men and women in search of a potential date. It beats its competitors by offering several features, one of which is the Tinder Gold, which we will highlight in this post. Although it offers numerous additional features for its users, it was deliberately designed to be simple to use.

Tinder Gold Free

Tinder Gold Apk

Setting up a profile is easy and straightforward on Tinder unlike other dating platforms of its kind which requires a lot of information and data, and is as well time-consuming, not to mention difficult. A stress-free way of updating your profile on tinder is to use the Facebook option feature in it. With this feature, you can retrieve all of your Facebook profile information and transfer them directly to your tinder profile.

Your profile is also flexible to edit. You can decide to alter your Facebook transferred profile anytime you want to. And you do not have to worry about the linking between Facebook and tinder because none of your activities on tinder will be announced on Facebook, they remain absolutely a different platform. The linking was just to ease the daunting process of creating a new profile. If you wish to do it yourself, you can too, there are no restrictions whatsoever.

How To Get Tinder Gold Free

People using Tinder might want to access the Tinder Gold due to its extra feature unavailable on other Tinder versions or packages. The three available packages are the Freemium package, the Tinder Plus package and the Tinder Gold package. The Freemium package as the name implies is absolutely free. You can download the tinder app from the play store or Apple store for Android and iPhone users respectively and opt to try out tinder for free.

The free package though has several limitations set on its version to prevent users from accessing the major features that make a dating app what it stands for. This usually is a turn off for people who do not wish to make any financial commitments using a dating app. It still offers good enough features to try out, and you can also find and match with dates in the free version, but with several restrictions. However, using the tinder plus and tinder gold packages gives you more flexibility and access to the major features.

Unlimited Tinder Gold

The Tinder plus and gold packages are pricy and demand a monthly or yearly subscription, depending on your preference. You can upgrade from the plus to the gold package any time you choose to, and it will take up to 24 hours to upgrade after making a request for the upgrade. The costliest of all packages is the gold package. But there is a strategy I will share with you shortly in order to get it for free.

What you have to do is to be on the tinder plus package. And then opt to upgrade to the tinder gold package. Like I mentioned earlier it would take 24 hours to process. Now cancel your subscription before the process ends so you won’t get charged. If successful, you won’t be charged monthly, but your account will be upgraded to the Gold version for a month. And then you can choose to continuously use the method monthly when the subscription expires.

How Tinder Works

Tinder can only be used via its app, unlike some other dating platforms which have a website based version and a mobile application version to come with it. What this implies is that you cannot use tinder on a laptop or a computer or any other web-based platform except smart mobile devices that support its app. The app works as a typical dating platform should. Upload a profile that includes your name, location, photos, interests, and catchy phrases.

You will get matched with a date depending on your location, common interests and other relevant data in your dating profile. Your potential date will get to see your pictures and info likewise you. If both of you happen to swipe like on your pictures, then you both will be matched. Viewing the person’s photo and swipe to the right to like or swipe to the left to pass. If one of you happens to swipe pass, then no matching occurs, and your photos will be passed on to another potential date continuously till you get matched.

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