Tiktok Amazon Delivery Van | Amazon Driver fired after Video

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Tiktok Amazon Delivery Van – ‘This is why my packages are always late’ a Tiktok user commented on a viral video that shows a woman in a black dress climbing out of the back of Amazon’s worker’s truck, sparking speculation.

This video has some speculation about what the hell happened before this someone began filming the vehicle.

The video which has been viewed on TikTok over 10 million times was shared a Tiktok user @Patrickhook01. The name of the Amazon delivery driver is not yet known nor is his relationship to the woman if there is any. The Amazon prime driver appears at the back of the van in the video.

The viral video sparked a round of jokes on TikTok with some people commenting that this is probably the reason their Amazon packages are always late.

The video was filmed by @Patrickhook01 from an aerial view with the caption “Amazon be different 😮‍💨😮‍💨 #fyp #viral #florida #amazon #KFCSecretMenuHacks.”  It was shared by the Tiktok user on October 24, 2021.

The woman in the black dress climbs out of the back of the van, which says Amazon prime on it and walks calmly down the street. She appeared to have a cell phone jammed down from the front of her black dress. Her name is not clear and it is not clear exactly what was happening inside the van.

A woman later wrote in the comment section “Lol! That’s my older sister, We know she is a freak. I showed her this video and she freaked out lol, she deserves it though.” She claimed the woman is her older sister but it is not clear if that is accurate. The user claimed they grew up in Ohio but her sister moved to Florida, where the video was filmed. Reported by heavy.com.

At this point, the driver has not been publicly identified, and it is unclear whether he will face consequences for whatever went on in the van.

People quickly filled up the @Patrickhook01 comment thread with jokes and other comments. Here are some of them:

“She’s got that Prime Plus membership.”

“Delivery available in 3-4 business minutes.”

“So Amazon drivers are the new milk men.”

“He was just showing her his package.”

“You can’t get away with anything in this century with all the technology lmao. Dude is definitely getting questioned or getting fired.”

“He didn’t wash his hands and he about to touch all them packages lol. Yall be safe.”

“She must be a PRIME member.”

“Amazon: ‘your package is 1 stop away.’ Hour later: ‘your stop is still 1 stop away.’”

“And his wife or girlfriend thinkin he’s at work actually working!”


“So this is why my packages always end up being late.”


“What a gentleman he walked her to the door.”

“I thought Amazon weren’t supposed to leave packages on the street.”

“Does this service come with the Amazon Prime subscription. Asking for a friend.”

“My boxes better not be squished!”


Amazon has certainly brought a world of convenience to customers, but that convenience has come as a cost to employees who work under sub-par conditions in order to get packages out in time. Though this unidentified van driver has taken a moment from his job, Many TikTok users are hoping he doesn’t get punished for it.

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