Thanksgiving 2019 America – Holidays 2019 | When and How is it Celebrated

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The tradition of Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is a national holiday in any part of America that involves huge feasts, parades and showing a bit of gratitude, will soon be taken place. Thanksgiving 2019 America is a major celebration in the USA and Canada. It originated from harvest festival and food still play a big role these days.

Thanksgiving 2019 America

Thanksgiving in America celebrates traditionally on the fourth Thursday in November, which this year falls on the 28th of November.

 A similar harvest festival has its celebration in other countries including Liberia, the Netherlands and some Caribbean islands, on various dates in autumn. The custom of giving thanks for the annual harvest is one of the oldest celebrations and has its traces back to the dawn of civilization.

However, it is not commonly a major event and arguably the success of the American holiday has been due to it being seen as a time to give thanks for the foundation of the nation and not just as a celebration of the harvest.

How is it Celebrated – Thanksgiving 2019 America

Food forms the major part of the celebration with the whole family often getting together to help prepare the meal. The typical Thanksgiving feast generally consists of turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. It is the time when families and friends gather around the table.

Some of whom may choose to share what they are thankful for in their lives. In the US, the day marks a series of huge parades across the country, complete with colorful floats and performance in costume. In Canada, it is also a national holiday in most regions, so some choose to take advantage of the long weekend by taking a short break.

Why Do Some People Think Thanksgiving Racist

Many native American people spend Thanksgiving in mourning as they reflect on centuries of persecution laid on their people. Every year since 1970 people has gathered for a rally and March in Plymouth where the Pilgrims first landed from England, to reflect on the struggles their people faced at the hand of the Europeans. Thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of native people, theft of native land, and relentless assault on native culture.

Origin of Thanksgiving in America

Thanksgiving is a holiday that began with a harvest festival. It now has its celebration every year along with Christmas and new year. The story goes that back in 1620 Pilgrims landed on American soil and settled in a place named Plymouth just south, where Boston is today. Unfortunately for those who have immigration, they settle at the beginning of what turns out to be a harsh winter, meaning ration was tight and times were hard.

When spring came, the pilgrims went out to plant and grow their own crops and were helped by a native American called Squanto. Squanto taught them how to fish and hunt animals as well as showing them how to plant corn, pumpkins, and squash.

With these new skills, they were able to store enough food to be sure that they would be equipped to face the harsh winter month. The great pilgrims invited the native Americans to join them for a huge harvest feast which has since become known as Thanksgiving.

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