Selling on Facebook Rules and Guideline

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Selling on Facebook Rules– On Facebook, buying and selling of items is now a thing as it is a thing of the past to think of Facebook as just a social media platform. Facebook offers several features and that is why it is considered as the most popular social network in the world with billions of users.

The social platform not only allows users to connect with others on a social basis but also brings users together to connect for the purpose of business.

One of the features that Facebook has brought into play for the business aspect of the social app is the Facebook Marketplace. The Marketplace is a feature on the social media network, Facebook where users can buy, sell and explore several items.

Selling on Facebook Rules -  Facebook Selling Guide

These activities of buying and selling were first started through groups that have been created before Facebook took it up to make a particular place where all users can do business by introducing the Facebook Marketplace.

The Marketplace plays host to over 800 million visitors monthly which shows that it is a busy place. This is attributed to the fact that the social platform has a large pool of users which in turn makes it a better place to buy and sell items rather than in groups where some have limited access. In essence, you get to have a better reach to customers located near you and all over the world.

Facebook Marketplace Rules – Selling on Facebook Rules

While the Marketplace is free to all users and free to join with the sole requirement of owning a Facebook account. Selling on Facebook Rules – has rules on the items that can be bought and sold which are stated under the Facebook commerce guidelines which helps the buyers and sellers have proper knowledge of the do’s and don’t on the Marketplace to avoid getting restricted from using the feature. Some of these rules and guidelines are stated below;

  • Third-Party infringement: Items that are posted for sale should not contain any content that violates the intellectual property rights third party which consists of it’s trademark and copyright. This also includes counterfeit or replicas of branded products and items as such products may confuse the customers about the sponsorship of any of the items put up for sale.
  • Sale of Animals: Posts that may include the sale of Animals such as livestock pets, live animals or parts of an animal are prohibited. However, posting products for animals such as cages, animal toys, and services like veterinary services, boarding services etc are allowed on your posts.
  • Posts with no commercial intent are also not allowed. Post that advertises or promotes humor, news that does not have any intent on selling or commercializing a product should not be put up as Facebook may take action.

The Market place has some guidelines and policies which covers items that may be put on sale. This is to protect the rights of other users of the social media feature as it makes the Marketplace a safe one but that’s where it’s responsibility ends because the buyer and seller are the ones responsible for the transactions.

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