Rakuten Review | How Does Rakuten Work | Rakuten Security

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Rakuten is an award program that gives clients cashback between one percent and 40 percent on nearly anything they purchase when they buy it through their Ebates account. It very well may be worked on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS.

Rakuten Review

Rakuten was established in 1998 in Menlo Park. For more than 20 years the organization has been giving clients cashback of between one percent and 40 percent on nearly anything they purchase.

However, you need to buy things by shopping through your Rakuten account. Rakuten is not difficult to utilize and you will appreciate utilizing this stage.

How Does Rakuten Work 

Rakuten is really simple to work and you should simply pursue a Rakuten account. When you sign in utilizing your part login, you discover the name of the stores you wish to shop. Your quest for stores in sequential order list Rakuten gives. You can likewise discover a store with the inquiry bar and when you track down your ideal store you click on it.

Since you are coordinated from the Rakuten webpage straightforwardly to the store site. Shopping through Rakuten is the same than if you go straightforwardly to the store site. The main distinction is that you will get cashback qualifying buys on the grounds that you got to the store through the Rakuten account. Visit the Rakuten site to begin shopping https://www.rakuten.com/

You can likewise introduce the Rakuten program augmentation. The expansion will show a popup at whatever point a site you visit is qualified to acquire cashback. Snap the button in the popup to enact Rakuten and acquire cashback.

Stores That Partner with Rakuten

The number of stores you can shop through Rakuten is quite impressive. Rakuten has partnerships with over 2,500 stores.

  • Nordstrom.
  • Kohls.
  • Macy’s.
  • Walmart.
  • Turbotax.
  • Ace hardware.
  • Aeropostale.
  • Barney’s.
  • Bath and body works.
  • Cabela’s.
  • Justice.
  • Target.
  • Armani.
  • Arteza.
  • Atlantis.
  • Relay.

Rakuten Security

Rakuten is an extremely solid site and they don’t need that you enter any installment data to utilize their administrations. This is an awesome sign, and the main thing you need to join is a functioning email address. Rakuten is confirmed as consistent by the installment card industry security norms chamber.

They are basically overseeing that ensures locales adequately encode delicate information like your Visa data. Rakuten is exceptionally honest and candid with regard to how they utilize your data, however, you might need to peruse the fine print.

Client assistance and Support

At this stage client assistance is quite restricted and they have an assistance area that you need to look to the exceptionally base to discover. And still, at the end of the day, it essentially takes you to an information place page every now and again posed inquiries. They have a contact page however this seems to work on a ticket framework. Your inquiry is separated into points of interest and afterward, you are incited to depict your issue.

However, a great many people appear to require little help with Rakuten administrations. The most well-known issues as indicated by their insight community appear to follow check and checking cashback balance.

Pros and Cons of Rakuten

Rakuten is an amazing service but it has its drawbacks. Here are some of its pros and cons.


  • The platform features thousands of stores, so there are many options for saving.
  • The ease of using the platform.
  • Cashback.
  • Referral program.


  • Encourages impulse shopping.
  • Stores have products that are exempt from cashback.
  • You are paid cashback checks quarterly.
  • Your account can be disabled without notice.

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