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New Facebook App – The F8 conference held sometime 2019, Facebook executives announced the social network plans to push out a massive redesign called the New Facebook.

In the history of Facebook, there have been just four Facebook designs and the latest design is the new Facebook. The new Facebook app is a dramatic role of the Facebook redesigns.

This new design has an interface with updates that places emphasis on groups and events. These are majorly the two reasons why people visit the Facebook platform on a daily basis.

new facebook app

About The New Facebook App

The new Facebook app is a total shift on how Facebook looks and works on both desktop and mobile devices. Although it seems to be only available for desktop users for now.

Facebook plans to push the new design to mobile users when everything is perfect and there are no signs of any problems. Visually the new Facebook app is a cleaner, brighter, and more contemporary Facebook design.

The latest Facebook app comes with huge advanced features which include; The long-awaited dark mode feature. Facebook began rolling out the new Facebook to mobile users in 2019.

It’s also updating the app to include an interactive improvement as well as the Facebook live feature especially for people who use Facebook for buying and selling purposes.

Facebook currently is offering people who agree to use it’s redesigned app, the option to switch back to the older, standard look they’re used to. Users can also give the company feedback telling them if some feature is broken or giving their general thoughts concerning the app.

This new Facebook design aims to facilitate navigation on Facebook while modernizing the appearance of Facebook for the new decade. But until now just a few have access to the new Facebook design.

To be able to activate the new Facebook design, you have to wait for Facebook to invite you to test the new look. There are still no updates for users.

Facebook says they plan to offer a new look in a wider range in spring 2020.

How do I Switch to the New Simple Facebook Design.

The New Facebook App Features

  • A new Facebook logo with a larger letter “F” in a lighter blue circle.
  • Modified Facebook profile page.
  • A classic option for your posts.
  • New look for Facebook notifications.
  • New message window.
  • A Facebook dark mode.

More Exciting Features

In addition to trying to convince users, the Facebook network has begun to take privacy seriously. There where plenty of new features, apps, and products announced in the F8 conference held.

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Nearly every Facebook product was touched. From the Facebook app and website to Instagram and them to WhatsApp. Facebook is making improvements across the brand and the globe.

Facebook’s new app redesign is about more than just a more minimalistic look consistent with the mobile app. Facebook says the design helps users find what they are looking for faster and easier means.

Facebook’s new app design gets rid of all the blue that Facebook is known for. Replacing it with white space.

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