Netflix Price Increase | Netflix Subscription Prices 2020

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Netflix has become a household name when it comes to movies. Not only does it offer streaming services, but it’s also responsible for a lot of huge TV series and movies that were released this year.

The streaming platform already has more than 200 million users and those users might not find the recent increase in Netflix’s subscription prices funny. Although current subscribers won’t feel the rage probably until their subscription expires, new subscribers might not really welcome this change.

netflix price increase

Netflix is deemed as the holy grail of movies or TV shows streaming service but that might change anytime soon.

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Netflix Old Pricing

Basically, Netflix offers three subscription plans; basic, standard, and premium. These plans are well-tailored to fit all kinds of subscribers giving them quality services at a moderate price. Take the “Basic” plan for instance; at $9 monthly you get to stream Netflix’s movies on an HD screen.

The downside is this plan allows you to stream from only one device at a time, unlike the other plans. While the “Standard” plan allows you stream from two devices simultaneously at just $13, the “Premium” plan goes for $16 and allows streaming from four different devices simultaneously.

The premium plans also offer Ultra HD quality, which means with this plan, you get to stream Netflix’s movies in 4k.

Furthermore, there are also speculations of the Netflix Ultra service plans which go for $17 and have two distinct sub-categories. Not every region has access to this plan yet but I am quite sure Netflix is positive on pushing this plan. If that isn’t luxury, what is?

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Netflix Price Surge

The price increase is almost the same as what occurred in 2018. In 2018, Netflix increased all its plans prices, Basic added a dollar, premium added two and so did the standard plan.

Thus this isn’t the first time Netflix is increasing its streaming plan prices and this seems better than the last time. Netflix didn’t increase all of its plans, Basic still sells at $9 monthly.

However, the Standard plan now goes for $14, a dollar more than its previous price. The plan with UHD resolution and ability to stream from four different devices now sell at $18 monthly, $2 costlier than its previous price.

Sure business must be booming for Netflix as competitors like HBO and the likes are beginning to pick up the pace. There’s been a sudden rise in the demand for interesting and engaging content especially because of the pandemic and Netflix have risen to the occasion splendidly.  

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