Myanmar Military Government Orders Telecom Network to Block Facebook Temporarily

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The government of Myanmar military has ordered the shutdown of Facebook account till 7th of February.  Stating that Facebook is actually contributing to the instability in the country.

As of Wednesday midnight, citizens and users of Facebook have started making complaints of them not been able to access their Facebook account which means that telecom companies have already carried out the rule by the government with immediate effect.

Myanmar Military Government Orders Telecom Network to Block Facebook Temporarily

There is an organization called ‘NetBlocks’, they are in charge of tracking internet usage in the country. Early hours of today they have reported that MPT, a state telecom operator that commands the market has blocked Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, and also Instagram on its network.

Also, Telenor, which is one of the four telecom operators in the country said as well that ‘the rule is actually against human rights but would just have to comply with Myanmar’s junta rule’.

Recently, one of the Facebook spokesman that the Facebook company is aware of the denied access of Facebook account to some persons and of which he urged the authorities of Myanmar government to restore the connectivity  of Facebook to its citizen so that they can have access to communicate information’s to their families and friends

In regard to this act, over 22 million citizens make use of these social media that they have blocked, and it’s one of the great ways of sending information for them.

This is shocking news to the people in Myanmar because earlier this week the military took control of the country which lead to ‘state of emergency for a year after the detain of civilian leader and democratic leaders of her ruling National League for Democracy.

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