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Messenger is now on Instagram which is great especially for users who can’t stand messaging on Instagram. Instagram was founded in 2010, ten years on and it’s still the social media powerhouse it was deemed to be.

Messaging or DM as we call it these days was introduced to Instagram 3 years after it was founded, in December 2013. This update wasn’t really appreciated as Instagram functions distinctly and the messaging feature seemed weird.

messenger on instagram

Instagram did work on it and completely changed how its messaging feature functioned. But that wasn’t enough, was it?

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Facebook Messenger On Instagram

There’s been speculation about Facebook planning to integrate the messaging system of its three giant social media companies (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram). While that might be easy with Messenger and Instagram, it’s confusing to think how that will work with WhatsApp considering how WhatsApp operates.

Features Of Messenger On Instagram

With Messenger on Instagram, you can message your friends on Messenger from Instagram DM. The Instagram DM also has some new features to make chatting on Instagram more like it.

New stickers, themes, GIFs, emojis, amplified messaging and privacy system,s and also the long-awaited Facebook Messenger Watch Together feature. This tool allows users to watch videos within messenger while on video calls with friends. The integration of messenger and Instagram promises to make messaging on both platforms better.

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How Does Messenger On Instagram Works

Activities (Messaging or Calling) from a friend or someone on Instagram will occur in Instagram, no change to that. Where the change comes in Facebook Messenger users could directly message people on Instagram without using Instagram DM.

It would work almost like Facebook and Facebook Messenger, just in this case, Instagram is replacing Facebook and also has a messaging system of its own. Furthermore, Messages from Messenger could also be replied to directly from the Instagram DM.

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Release and Privacy Concerns

Instagram unlike Facebook doesn’t really build on relationships, family or friends. Thus with this new feature around the corner, you might get a lot of weird messages from people you really don’t know.

Not to worry, there are tools in place to handle any kind of privacy threats you might encounter. For instance, it is possible to block all kinds of message requests or to send them somewhere else apart from your chat page just like on messenger.

In conclusion, this new update has everything to make a great feature thus a lot of people might want to rush in on it. The feature is not available yet to most regions because Facebook just only started its release so we might have to wait for a while.

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