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Messenger lite is Facebook’s aim to make sure everyone has access to its platform and its numerous services. There is a regular Messenger app likewise a regular Facebook app that functions like a charm.

The regular Facebook apps are for devices with strong processors and good network connection thus making the apps work efficiently. They function well at the expense of your device strength, memory, and Wi-Fi/Internet subscription.

messenger lite

But not everyone can afford this and Facebook knows that quite well. So they developed a lite version of their apps to fit individuals who cannot afford to run the regular Facebook apps. Let’s talk about the Facebook messenger lite app.

Messenger Lite Features

  • As the name implies, it’s the lighter version of the regular messenger app. it takes below 10 megabytes in devices storage space unlike the regular that can be more than 50 megabytes.
  • Functions well under poor internet connection.
  • Functions on devices with a small battery and RAM capacity.
  • The best alternative to the regular Messenger app.

It’s the same functionality, chat with Facebook friends, and so on. Although it does not really have some extra features like Facebook Pay and so on, it’s just meant to meet your basic messaging needs.

A small RAM capacity device won’t run the regular messenger app, even if it does, the app would constantly hang and crash. The best thing to do is to download the Messenger lite app and enjoy Facebook messaging service at its best just for you.

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How to Download the Messenger Lite App

This stripped-down regular messenger app is aimed mainly at old android devices and regions where internet connection is not at its best. Thus you don’t want to download this app if your device can handle the regular messenger app without difficulties.

Released in October 2016, initially, it was only available for android devices until it was also released for IOS devices.

To Download the Messenger Lite app, just proceed to your respective device’s app store and search “Messenger Lite” into the search bar. Then download the app, install it, open it, login to your Facebook account and start messaging like never before.

Alternatively, if you can’t access the app stores, just visit your web browsers and search “Messenger Lite”. The web browser results would include that of your app store. Also, other websites where you can get the Messenger Lite app free.

Do note that by downloading from a third party or strange website; you run the risk of downloading malware or viruses. You should try using third-party safe and secure app stores instead.

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