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I believe you already know about the Facebook marketplace and how to use it. However in this article, I am going to give you a recap on it and how you can use it on the Facebook app. You see, marketplace on Facebook app gives you easier and better view of the Facebook marketplace platform on your mobile device. The amazing thing is that you can also use all the Facebook marketplace features such as buying and selling of items via the marketplace on Facebook app.

marketplace on facebook app

Can you really use marketplace on Facebook app?

Using marketplace on Facebook app has been around for quite a while now and it is very much possible. However, it sometimes depends on your location or age because there are some restrictions to using the marketplace platform. If you can access the Facebook marketplace via your Facebook account, then you can definitely access it on the Facebook app.

Downloading the Facebook app

If you don’t have the Facebook app, then there Is no way to use the Facebook marketplace on Facebook app. to download the Facebook app;

  • Launch your mobile device play store and click on the search bar.
  • On the search bar enter term “Facebook” and click search.
  • Wait for the result and click on the right app. the right app normally has the Facebook logo on it. Trust me when you see the Facebook app you will know it plus you will find it between the first five results as it is a popular app.
  • Click on the download or install button and accept the terms and conditions of the app.

Once that is done, the app will automatically be downloaded and installed on your device as long as you have a sufficient data plan.

Use Marketplace on Facebook App

Using the Facebook marketplace on the Facebook app is entirely possible and you can do so by following the steps below.

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • On the Facebook app, login your Facebook account by providing your login details into the specified boxes and clicking on the login button.
  • On your account newsfeed, click on the menu icon and wait for the menu page to display.
  • From the menu page, scroll down a little and click on marketplace.

That is it. If you can access the Facebook marketplace normally, you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook marketplace.

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