Lime’s latest e-bike can borrow batteries from scooters

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The mobility service is revealing another e-bike whose battery is exchangeable with the one in Gen4 bike scooter models. That sets aside the organization cash, obviously, however will likewise assist with development designs that (with a $50 million venture) will help Lime twofold its bike inclusion to 50 urban communities in 2021. The swappable battery ought to be better for the climate, as well, if on the grounds that Lime’s charging vans will not take off so frequently.

Lime’s latest e-bike can borrow batteries from scooters

The new features of this bike would definitely amaze you and get you attracted in getting it

  • It helps you climb steeper hills
  • Has a phone header to help you hold your phone as not to stop looking at directions
  • It has an electric lock that reduces bikes weight
  • For a smooth ride, there are two speed automatic transmission helps you have a smoother ride
  • There is an updated handlebar display that matches what you are looking for on lime scooters.

The hardware upgrade may have been important regardless of whether Lime wasn’t arranging a development. E-bike use has been flourishing during the pandemic, with Lime promoting 2.5 million rides in 2020. With request expected to grow in 2021 that puts included strain Lime.  

The effectively swappable batteries guarantee Lime can keep its bike running, and may help if request shifts toward one vehicle type in a given city. All in all, this basic change could assume a significant part in keeping Lime’s business murmuring regardless of what the future brings.


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