IOS 13 Hidden Feature | 8 IOS 13 Tips & Tricks You Don’t Know About

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IOS 13 Hidden Feature – There are so many things about the IOS 13 you have no idea about yet. Frankly speaking, we’ve not even reached half the potential embedded in the IOS 13 and we’ve already got people talking about the IOS 14. It’s weird how people just want to see the next big thing at every chance they get.

Apple released the iPhone 11 last year alongside the IOS 13 which was released on the 19th of September. It has a lot of enhancements, some of which we know of and some we don’t. So relax, while we open your eyes to some hidden IOS 13 features.

ios 13 hidden features

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8 IOS 13 Tips & Tricks

Dark Mode

Let’s begin with the most obvious, the long-awaited dark mode setting which will make your smartphone look smarter. Navigating to “Settings”> “Display” will pop up a tab that will enable you to switch between dark and light mode.

The tricky part is that you can actually time when you want your smartphone to be in light mode or dark mode.

Faster Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection Process

No more of going to the settings app to process a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. All you need to do is get to the control center and long press on the connection center.

Then hold a press again on either of the connection to see a list of available devices you can connect to. Now, select the device and you are good to go.

Memoji In Contacts

Not so important but fun. You can now create memojis either for yourself or anyone on your contact list. This will give your contact list a little bit of artistic touch.

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A Revamped Safari Browser

That warns you of a weak or common password used when you sign in or sign up for a website account. Safari also has an update in “Settings”> Safari”> “Close Tab” that allows Safari close tabs that are rather inactive in one way or the other.

Undo & Redo

You know how you mistakenly delete somethings and now you’ve to shake your iPad to undo those actions, gone are those times. Now all you have to do is swipe to the left with three fingers to undo as also swiping to the right with three fingers would activate a redo action.

More On Three Fingers Tips

There are more amazing tricks behind the three fingers thing. For instance, after highlighting a text, you could;

  • Pinch three fingers to copy. A second pinch will prompt you to edit the text.
  • Spread three fingers to paste.

Improved Photo App

Apart from the new smart look on the photo app, there are some really cool features that IOS 13 brings to this app. An autoplay feature allows live video and photo on your device to play when you are browsing through them although it would also be muted.

Also when sharing by clicking on “Options” just before sharing images via the photos app, you will find the option to remove your location data.

Siri’s Upgrades

For every new OS Apple releases, one of the main points of improvement has been its virtual assistant, Siri. Siri in IOS 13 is modeled to be more comprehensible and basic.

Sending messages with Siri on imessage just got better because it marks the message “Sent with Siri” on the receiver’s end. Siri’s directions now make more sense than usual as it has been updated to meet day to day tasks thrown at her. Siri is also beginning to support other music streaming services when asked to play a song other than Apple Music.

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