How to use Pinterest Group Board

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At the point when you make another board on Pinterest, it’s yours and simply yours to stick to of course. The pins you add to the board can be seen by everybody (except if you make it a mysterious board), however, no one else can add pins to it.

At the point when you welcome in any event one other Pinterest client to add to a board, and they acknowledge the greeting, it naturally turns into a group board. Clients who haven’t been welcomed can demand to join a group board, which the board proprietor can affirm or dismiss.

How to use Pinterest Group Board

Patrons of group boards see their group boards on their profile with the remainder of the sheets. They can stick anything they need to it at whatever point they need, very much like they can with their standard board.

Benefactors, nonetheless, are restricted in what they can alter on group boards. They can relocate the group board to redesign their profiles. Nonetheless, they can’t change the name, depiction, classification, or cover pin of any group board they add to.

How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t have any specific way of searching Group Boards or filter for them.

Here are few techniques you can use in searching them.

  • Use PinGroupie: PinGroupie is an informal internet searcher for Pinterest group boards. Enter an inquiry term into the field at the top to see a rundown of gathering board results—total with subtleties, insights, and how to join.

  • Search ‘Group Boards’ in Pinterest. Numerous Pinterest users pin blog entries that incorporate arrangements of group boards. Search the expression “group board” in the Pinterest search field and see what comes up.

  • Look for Boards on Pinterest User’s Profiles: One of the simplest and most ideal approaches to discovering group boards is examining the boards of another Pinterest user. To recognize group boards a user is a supporter of, search for a circular symbol highlighting at least two user profile pictures straightforwardly over the board name.

  • Search “Pinterest Group Boards” in Google: Do a Google look for “Pinterest group boards,” and you’ll go over a couple of good blog entries. You can likewise exploit Google’s query output channels by choosing Tools > Any Time > Past Year at the top to sift through outcomes that may be outdated.

How to Join a Pinterest Group Board

There’s a simple way and a hard method to demand to join a Pinterest Group board.

The easy route is to search for a “Request to join” button in the upper-right corner of the group board page.

Most Group board admins don’t put this catch on the board page to reduce the number of requests (and likely spammers). On the off chance that you see it there, select it to request to join the group board.

On the off chance that you need to request to join a group board that doesn’t have a request button, do the following:

  • Read the group board description for instructions on how to send in a request
  • Contact the group board owner via Pinterest private message.

How to Pin to a Pinterest Group Board

Once you are now permitted to join a group then you can start posting. Here is how to pin a post to a group.

  • Open the Pinterest app or use to log in to your account
  • Click on the ‘Red’ icon and click on ‘create pin’
  • Add your image or video you want to pin to the group, fill in the necessary details for the post
  • Select from the list of boards to choose a group pin, tab on any of your preferred boards, and your pin is pinned to the board

How to create a Pinterest Group Board and Invite Users

Use these steps below to create a board and invite someone as well

  • Open the Pinterest app or use the official link of
  • Click on the + sign and click on board. For a direct link, select your name at the top and then Tb profile, and then the board
  • On the direct link, click on the red +sign in the empty board, type your board name in the space, and then tab create. For the mobile app, type in your board name and then click on ‘Add users’
  • You can either copy the link as a means of inviting someone or tab on the invite box at the side of your Pinterest followers to invite them to your board

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