How to Lock your Facebook Profile using Mobile Phones

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This feature is made for privacy reasons. Some features are: non-friends cannot see the photos, stories, and posts of the Facebook user. They can’t share or download either the user’s profile picture and cover photo as well as they cannot see all posts on the user’s timeline.

How to Lock your Facebook Profile using Mobile Phones

Locked Facebook account is only limited to be seen by their Facebook friends.

The ability to lock your profile is especially helpful for women, who want more control over their Facebook experience.

Once you enable this feature, then non-friends cannot zoom into, share or download your full-size profile picture or cover photo. The feature will also restrict the non-friends from seeing posts on the timeline.

Apart from this, any posts that you have shared in the past to the Public will change to friends. Only a portion of your About info will be visible to everyone on the profile.

This feature isn’t available everywhere right now. You can only lock your profile in certain countries and on certain devices.

How to Lock your Facebook Profile

  • First open the Facebook app on your device.
  • on the home page tap your Profile picture.
  • tap Menu
  • From the given options on the new page tap Lock Profile option.
  • tap Lock Your Profile option at the end of the page
  • A pop message will appear on the screen saying, “You locked your profile. Only your friends can see the photos and posts on your timeline”; tap Ok.

Your profile will be locked. Once the lock feature is enabled, you can see an indicator is added to your profile which signifies that the profile is locked.

But keep in mind that you cannot write or share posts with the public once you enable this feature. The posts and shares are restricted to the friend list.

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