How to Increase your iCloud Storage Space

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Apple iCloud is a good platform for storing up your documents, photos, and videos across your iPhone, Mac, iPad, and even pc. You will surely need more space to save up for your documents or other files you wish to save and so if you are running out of space on iCloud, it’s very easy to subscribe for more space, here is the basic step to do this.

How to Increase your iCloud Storage Space

Three Ways to upgrade iCloud Storage

There are three different ways to upgrade iCloud storage. If you are in need of more space in your iCloud kindly read up on this content to know more about how to increase your storage space.

  1. The first way to upgrade iCloud storage is by subscribing to Apple One (this is a bundle of Apple services that includes Apple TV, Apple Music, and extra iCloud storage which depends on the plan you select.)
  2. The second way to get more storage is to request for a family member to add your Apple ID to the family Apple One or iCloud plan. To carry out this request, they will need to visit the Apple ID account settings and click on ‘Family sharing’
  3. Finally, you can upgrade your iCloud storage as a standalone subscription service.

How to Upgrade iCloud storage on iPhone or IPad

Read through the following steps below to learn how to upgrade your iCloud storage on your iPhone or iPad

  • Go to your settings app
  • Click on your Apple account
  • On the Apple ID, click ‘iCloud’
  • Next, select ‘Manage Storage’
  • Click on ‘Change Storage Plan’
  • From the above storage plan displayed on the screen, choose any of the plans that suit you and then click on ‘Buy’

You would be asked to confirm payment and once you are done with that, your storage space would be upgraded immediately.

How to Upgrade iCloud Storage on Mac

To upgrade iCloud storage space on your mac system, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Open the system preferences and sign in to iCloud
  • Click on ‘Apple ID’
  • At the sidebar, click on ‘iCloud’ and then click ‘’Mange’’
  • Click on ‘Change Storage Plan’
  • Select the plan you would like to upgrade to and then click ‘Next’

You would be asked to confirm your Apple ID by signing in and after which your iCloud storage space would be upgraded.

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