How to get the ‘no beard’ filter on TikTok

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This is actually a feature that makes go beardless when the camera spots your face and TikTok users are thrilled about it.

This won’t work on the beardless If you haven’t seen this trend yet, hop on TikTok and search “no beard filter,” which currently sits at 52 million views. It works by placing your hand on your mouth, then moving your away to show the result. Some users noticed the filter adds a little roundness to fill out their face.

how to get the ‘no beard’ filter on tiktok

You have to know they’re created using a filter in Snapchat and then uploaded to TikTok. Here’s how to use the #nobeardfilter on Snapchat.

How to use on beard filter on snapchat.

Kindly use the following to learn how to use filter on snapchat

  • Click to open the Snapchat app on your mobile device
  • Select the face icon
  • Click on the explore button at the lower right side of the screen
  • Take a picture beardless or a video, which that suit you at the moment is cool to send to someone or upload on Tiktok
  • Use the download button below to save the photo or video you made.

How to upload your video on Tiktok

Getting your video upload on tiktok can be done easily without any stress

  • Open the tiktok app on your phone
  • Click on the plus icon
  • To upload, click upload and then choose the video you saved from snapchat
  • Click next, add sound, effects, or text to the video
  • Tab next
  • Use the hashtag, #nobeardfilter. it makes people searching for such videos to see yours as well
  • Click post and your video will be uploaded.

Guess you find this article interesting, trust me you have other things to learn from this site. Read and practice the above steps to make your videos and also upload on tiktok.

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