How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram and Facebook

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Facebook and Instagram are not, at this point simply social media platforms. They have transformed into a commercial center, a center point for watching videos actually like YouTube, a help for game web-based, and more throughout the long term. Among these, the advertisement network is the thing that ties the entirety of Facebook’s administrations into one overlay.

As indicated by a report, Facebook produces over 98% of its all out income from promotions. It gives a look at how far and wide its advertisement network is and how much information it gathers for customized promotion focusing on.

How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram and Facebook

In any case, if Facebook figured out how to grab your eye with its promotion suggestions and you need to discover an advertisement that you as of late saw on Instagram or Facebook, at that point follow our guide underneath. In this article, we reveal to you where to discover all your viewed ads on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Fined Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram

Here are the basic steps to find out ads on Instagram.

  • To start with, you will need to download and install the Instagram app on your phone
  • Open the Instagram app and then move to the menu bar
  • Click on settings
  • Click on ‘Ads’ from the options below
  • Tab ‘Ads Activity’ option
  • Here you can find all the recently displayed ads on Instagram.

 Note, Instagram just keeps a log of advertisements that you have interacted with on the platform. It adds ads you interact with on the feed just like Instagram Stories. Assuming you just saw an advertisement while looking through your feed, it will not appear here.

How to Fined Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook

Use these guidelines to fine out recently viewed ads on Facebook.

  • Download the Facebook app or if you already have the app installed on your mobile phone then all you need do is just open the app on your device
  • Head to the menu bar
  • Click on ‘Recent Ad Activity’ option or scroll down and tab see more to give you more settings option.
  • You will find all the recently viewed ads on Facebook here once you click on ‘Recently Ads Activity’

Also note that you can as well use your pc or mobile website to find your recently displayed ads which only gives you information about the advertiser and not the exact ads.

This is how you can search old ads you recently viewed and interact with on Instagram and Facebook.

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