How to Enable “OK Google” Detection on Android Wear OS

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After numerous years, Google has fixed the “Ok Google” location on Wear OS. So just in case, you have been searching on how to fix this problem then this content is put up for you to learn and fix the same issue instantly.

Kindly read through to learn all you need to know.

How to Enable “OK Google” Detection on Android Wear OS

Enable “OK Google” Detection on Android Wear OS (2021)

  • open the Play Store on your Wear OS watch and update the Google application. It ought to be on form or above. Other than that, update other forthcoming applications on the Play Store.
  • open Settings and move to System – > About – > System Updates. In the event that there is any update forthcoming, download it and introduce the report on your Android WearOS watch.
  • swipe directly on the home screen to open the “At the glance” page and scroll down to the bottom. Here, tap on the “Settings cogwheel” symbol and enable the switch for “Ok Google” recognition. Prior, empowering this switch didn’t do anything, yet with the new update fix, “Ok Google” location should begin working once more.
  • You can now say “Ok Google” near the watch and it ought to actuate Google Assistant. After this, you can say any guidelines including Google Assistant orders to perform anything on your watch.

“Ok Google” Detection Not Working on Wear OS? Follow our Fix

Just in case you are finding it difficult to fix ‘Ok Google’, remember, enabling “Ok Google” location hinders the watch so enable it just in the event you always make use of Google Assistant.

In any case, that is all from us. On the off chance that Google Assistant is showing some unacceptable area on your Wear OS observe then follow our guide and resolve the issue immediately.

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