How to Enable Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook

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people who move from Windows to Chrome OS discover it very jostling when they find that Chromebooks don’t have a committed Caps Lock key. While the act is justifiable, the acceptable part is that Chromebooks offer an alternative to enable the Caps Lock key. You can allot the Caps Lock key to another key of your decision and make your experience like Windows 10. By the way, you can likewise enable Recycle Bin on Chrome OS and run Windows applications on Chromebooks. So on that note, how about we go through the short guide on the best way to turn on Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook.

How to Enable Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook

How to Enable Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook

Kindly follow the steps below to learn how to do this task.

  • Click on the Quick settings panel at the bottom right corner
  • Open the settings window
  • Go to the ‘device’ option and click the Keyboard section.
  • Tab on the drop down menu close to ‘search’ and click ‘Caps Lock’.

From this moment, it will assign the caps lock function to the search key and if you click on the search button, it will function as the caps lock key on your Chrome OS device.

And just in case you use the search key extensively, you can allow the caps lock function to other modifier keys which include Ctrl, Alt, Escape, and Backspace.

Other than that, you can utilize this nifty keyboard alternate route on Chromebook to enable Caps Lock. You can likewise press Alt + Search to turn on/off Caps Lock on the off chance that you would prefer not to remap the Search key.

So basically this is how you can quickly enable the caps lock key on a Chromebook. 

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