How to control Android TV from Windows 10 PC

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I’m sure most of us don’t know that there is a possible way to control android tv from your windows 10 pc. I didn’t also not until I found out the know and I practiced it and then I have been making use of the knowledge. Just like you cast your phone to your tv, you can do it the other way round.

In this content you will learn how to cast control your android tv from windows 10, just like having your whole android tv screen mirrored on your windows 10 pc then you can now navigate around and control the UI.

How to control Android TV from Windows 10 PC

Through this process, you can open any app on android tv, search for videos from your pc, make use of playStore and do much more than you think.

How to control Android TV from Windows 10 PC

Before we dive into the process, it’s important to let you know that you will need a good WIFI connection for both your android tv and the windows 10 pc. This helps you to control the android tv from any part of the house without any interruption.

Here is the steps below, kindly read through it.

  • Enable the developer options and then USB debugging on your Android TV
  • Open settings and click network and internet (Wi-Fi network) click on it and copy the IP Address
  • Turn to your windows 10 PC and download the scrcpy tool. (this tool helps you to display and control any android device over an ADB connection.
  • After downloading, copy the zip file to a folder. Open the folder and type ‘CMD’ in the address bar of the folder and click enter, it would open a command prompt windows in that folder
  • Run the ADB command to connect to the android TV wirelessly
  • The ‘Allow USB Debugging’ notification would pop up, click on ‘Allow Always’ and then click ok.
  • The command prompt will give a notification ‘connected to IP address’ now you can now run the ADB devices command to com firm if the pc is indeed connected to your Android TV
  • Lastly, enter ‘Scrcpy’ in command prompt and click enter and within few seconds your android tv will begin to display on your Windows 10

With these steps done rightly, you can now perform all kinds of android tv operations on your Windows 10.

This is basically how you can control your android tv from windows 10 without having to move your desk.

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