Sun. May 16th, 2021
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The free Facebook login is a service that allows Facebook users to access their Facebook account and Facebook messenger for free. This can be done via the Facebook mobile app or a web browser within a daily fair usage policy.

Want to stay connected to the people you know when you don’t have a data bundle? The free Facebook login can help you with that.

free facebook login

More Info About Free Facebook Login

This is an initiative undertaken by the social networking service company Facebook in collaboration with mobile phone-based internet providers.

The internet providers wave data charges for accessing Facebook on mobile phones and desktops via a stripped-down text-only version of the Facebook mobile app. Photos are not loaded by default.

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Users may still choose to view the photos by agreeing to the regular data charges apply conditions to view the photos.

Keeping up with friends and family is faster and easier using the Facebook platform. You can share updates and photos, engage with friends and pages with the New Facebook app.

The Free Facebook login Allows Facebook Users to;

  • Update their Facebook status.
  • Change their Facebook profile picture.
  • Comment and write on their friend’s timeline.
  • Browse through the Facebook platform.
  • Send and receive videos and pictures.
  • Open external links.
  • Access Facebook messenger.
  • Add new friends.
  • Browse through other websites.
  • Search friends on Facebook.

With the free Facebook login, you are able to stay in control of your data usage when using the Facebook platform through a button that switches between a free mode and a data mode. The Facebook free login is only available when using the Facebook app on Android or iOS devices.

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Gone are the days when you get off the Facebook platform because of the data charges you feel you can’t meet up with. Now there’s an easy mode called the free Facebook mode.

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Activate the Free Facebook login

You may sign in to Facebook and along the line, you run out of data. You can continue with what you’re doing by switching to the free Facebook login mode.

Here’s how to activate the free Facebook login;

  • Visit
  • Go to your Facebook profile page.
  • At the top part of the profile page.
  • Find the purple color Go to Free tab.
  • Click on it.
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Finally you’re able to start using the free Facebook to connect with friends and family.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re new to Facebook or you have an already existing Facebook account, the free Facebook login is for all Facebook users around the globe. The free Facebook login allows you to reach all your friends with a single post and it is absolutely free of charge.

Note; you can log in the free Facebook via different sources. The regular Facebook app, Facebook lite app, Facebook messenger app, or the Facebook main website (

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