Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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Facebook Story Saver – Almost all social media networks have the story feature. A feature that allows you to post a picture or video about your day and its activities.

Whatever media contents you post lasts for 24 hours. Hence will be automatically removed after the 24-hour time limit lapses.

Facebook also has the Story feature and like all other social media platforms, you can post all kinds of media contents there. Facebook story feature is a way to share and tell the Facebook world about the interesting things in your life, what’s on your mind or how your day was.

facebook story saver

It’s like a temporary Facebook post as your story update does not last longer than 24 hours. it’s easy to find and use. It also has a lot of editing options like filters, colors, texts, animations and so on which you could use to make your storytelling on Facebook more colorful.

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Facebook Story Saver

When you log in to your Facebook account, the Facebook stories tab with reverse rectangular boxes is located at the top. First, there is a box with your profile picture prompting you to “Add to Your Story” and then there are the stories of your Facebook friends.

Tap on any of them to view them. When viewing stories on Facebook, there must be some stories you just can’t help but like.

Some Facebook stories can be quite enticing and great to watch, hence the urge to save it.

How do you get that interesting post on your friend’s story? How do you save it to your device? Facebook Story Saver, that’s how. There are a lot of Facebook story savers you could use.

How to Get a Facebook Story Saver

Visit your device app store or your web browser and type Facebook story saver. From the options provided by the search engine, proceed to download one in which you are okay with.

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For instance, I use an android device and I downloaded “Story Saver for Facebook” from the Google play store. There are also apps like Stackwares, Story Saver, Facebook video downloader and so on that can be used to download Facebook stories.

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Facebook Video Downloader

There is quite a lot of Facebook video downloader that can be used to download not just Facebook stories but any kinds of videos found on Facebook. These video downloaders are tools used to download and save videos from Facebook directly to your device.

Examples of Facebook Video Downloaders

  • Video Downloader For Facebook.
  • Getfvid.
  • FBdownloader
  • FastVid.
  • Download Video From Facebook.
  • HD Video Downloader For Facebook.
  • Fastvid.

You could either download any of their apps or use their websites.

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How to Download a Video Using Facebook Video Downloaders

Locate the video you want to download from Facebook and copy the Facebook video’s URL. To copy the video’s link, tap on the three vertical dots at the top of the posted video.

Then select “Copy Link” from the next list of options provided.

Navigate to any of the platforms listed above either via their apps or websites and paste the link you copied from Facebook in the “Paste Link” or “Enter Facebook URL” field. Locate the download button and tap on it.

The quality of the videos downloaded depends on the video’s quality on Facebook. For instance, if the video quality on Facebook is standard, expect the same quality while downloading the video.

You can’t download Facebook live videos while they are on, you would have to wait till they finish streaming live.


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