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I remember having to create a poll on a certain Sunday morning to settle an argument I had with my Dad. Although I can’t really remember the argument, I can totally recall that I won by creating a Facebook poll and getting different points of view from the Facebook community.

Facebook polls are one of the most creative ways to find out what people think about certain things or events on Facebook. it’s easy to create and quick to wrap your head around.

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Where Can Facebook Poll Be Created?

Primarily, you can create Facebook polls anywhere on Facebook you need to. You can create Facebook polls on your fan, personal, or Business page on Facebook.

These polls can also be created in Facebook Events, Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, or on your Facebook Newsfeed. To create a Facebook poll on any of these places on Facebook, you need to get to that place first.

Let’s assume, you are creating a Facebook poll for your business page or Events page. The first step you need to take is to get to your Facebook business page or Events page.

On getting there, click on the “Create a Post” tab then scroll down and hit on the “Poll” option.

How to Create Facebook Polls

Creating Facebook polls is like creating surveys. You ask questions or compare things just to get people’s thought about it on Facebook.

How to Create a Personal Facebook Poll

  • Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your Facebook profile.
  • Tap on the blue “Add To Story” tab.
  • Swipe right and hit on “Poll”.
  • On the new screen, type your question and customize its answers.
  • Select a photo or video to add if you need to or you could work with the colorful background there by default.
  • Tag friends, add effects, and stickers.
  • Hit the “Privacy Settings” icon to set who can view and interact with your poll. When you are done, click on “Save”.

Alternatively on your Facebook newsfeed page, hit on the “What’s On Your Mind” box. Thereafter, scroll down and select “Poll” from the list of options there. Follow the same steps above to create a poll on your newsfeed page

Create Group Facebook Polls

  • In your Facebook account, tap on “Groups” in the hamburger menu or at the top of your Newsfeed page.
  • Choose the group in which you want to create a poll and hit the “Write Something” tab.
  • Select “Poll” and proceed to set up your poll’s question and answers.
  • Edit the poll to your taste by adding images, effects, filters, and so on.
  • Set whether to allow anyone to add options or allow people to choose multiple options to complete the set-up and click on “Post”.

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Create Facebook Pages Polls

The poll might be for a business page or a fan page, whichever way, creating a poll for Facebook pages can take some time. The first thing you need to note is that only admins or editors of a certain page can create polls for that page.

  • On your Facebook page, click on “Write a Post” and then tap on the ellipsis (three dots) if you are using the Facebook web.
  • Select “Poll” and proceed to enter your various options or answers.
  • Select the duration of the poll and when you’d like it to end.
  • At this point, fill in the question and do all final touches.
  • Click on “Post” when you are done.

Create Poll On Facebook Messenger

You can create polls on Facebook messenger particularly on groups. Just open Messenger and open the conversation in which you want to create the poll.

  • Locate and hit on the “Create a Poll” icon at the bottom of the conversation page. You might need to tap on a “+” icon first.
  • Fill in the question into the box and tap on “Add Option” to add the poll’s answers.
  • When you are done, tap on “Create Poll”.

Create Poll On Facebook Events

In your Facebook account, just on the Newsfeed page, click on “Events” by the left or tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner then tap on “Events” on the next list of options.

  • Select the event you wish to create a poll for.
  • Choose “Create a Poll” just on-top of the “Create Post” box.
  • Now add the various options/answers for the poll you are about to create. Tap on “+ Add Option” to add more answers.
  • Verify if you want viewers to be able to add additional options and if you want viewers to be able to choose multiple options.
  • Type in the Question and add any effects you want to. Tap on “Post” when you are done.

You could also schedule the poll to post at a certain time by clicking on the “Drop-down Arrow> Schedule Post”.

It doesn’t get easier than this depending on where you are creating your Facebook poll.

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