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Have you heard of the Facebook messenger Candy Crush play online? The Facebook messenger Candy Crush play online is an online game you can access and play via your Facebook account using the Facebook messenger platform.

But before we go into that, do you know what the Facebook messenger app is used for? Well the Facebook Messenger app can be said to be a form of the Facebook extension.

Facebook Messenger Candy Crush

Play Candy Crush Game Online

However, the Facebook messenger is believed to have some flaw while the developers think it is perfect like that although it is being updated from time to time.

You see, the Facebook messenger app is currently the only app on PC that enables you to play Facebook games on your android device. While at this, the Facebook messenger app does not allows you to view your news feed or your timeline, but you can view you story and friend’s story. You can also challenge someone in a game from eh Facebook messenger app.

How to Play Candy Crush play online

Finally we can now discuss he business of the day. Now we are going to learn how you can easily access and play the Facebook messenger Candy Crush game. To play this game;

Launch the Facebook messenger app on your compactible device and sign in your Facebook account.

If you do not have a Facebook messenger account (Facebook account), then you need to create one by clicking on the create account icon below the screen.

Now swipe or navigate to the games section of the screen and click on it. Carefully, search for the Facebook messenger Candy Crush play online game by searching the term candy crush.

You might not necessarily find the exact name candy crush as the name might have changed. However if at all it has changed, then you will have to click on the candy fruit crush game.

That is it, simply wait for the game to load and you can start playing it immediately. If otherwise you are not using an android device, you can play the game on your PC via the instant games play platform.

To do this, visit Facebook on your PC and wait patiently to locate and click on the games icon by the left-hand navigation bar of any page. Search the Facebook game and click on it too as you did above.

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