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Can you really market your business on Facebook? Well this is a reasonable question with a reasonable answer. The answer is yes, you can market on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook also known as Facebook marketing is very useful these days as you can easily boost up your business sales.

Selling on Facebook also known as Facebook marketing is not a new thing nowadays as I is used in almost every corner of the world. Some people refer to this as taking advantage of the population Facebook has and you can’t actually blame them because to an extent it is quite alright.

Facebook marketing

How to start Facebook marketing

I believe you already have a facebook account and you can login so there is no need to o through all that trouble. Let’s go straight to the point right. There are different ways you can start marketing on Facebook apart from the normal Facebook marketplace which might also suggest you already know. To start marketing, you can use;

Facebook marketing groups

Now this is very easy for you to use but first of all, you need to find some marketing groups. To find Facebook marketing groups, click on the search bar at the top of any Facebook page once you are logged in and search for a term related to Facebook marketing. Now click on the groups to visit them or the join icon to join them. What you need to know is that you cannot view or post on closed groups and you will have to join them first while other groups, you will not find the post icon as only the admin can post. Once you have find the groups, to market your business;

  • Go to the group home page and click on dialog box indicating you should add something there.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the sell something here icon.
  • Add your business details and then some pictures to best describe your business.
  • Click on the post icon and yo are done with marketing your business on Facebook groups.

You can market other items like items you have for sale using the same procedure.

Facebook marketing pages

Now there is no need for me to write a long note on this as it is the same with the groups. All you need to do is follow the steps I listed above but this time replacing the groups for pages. Everything I said about the group can also be carried out for the pages.

Facebook marketing on your timeline

To do this;

  • Login your Facebook account.
  • On your newsfeed or timeline click on the dialog box with your profile picture attached to the top left side. Thus box is normally indicating that you can add a post there.
  • Add your business details along with a picture using the add picture link.
  • Click on post and that is it.

That is it for that. Posting on a friend timeline is also the same and I think you already know how to visit a friend timeline.

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