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Facebook Help Community- One of Facebook’s goals is to offer its users the control to shape the community and draw the world closer together thereby creating a stronger relationship between people. To achieve this, they created what we called ‘Facebook help community’. They devise means to assist the admins to develop a better and stronger community.

facebook help community

Facebook Help Community is a platform created by Facebook in which people ask question or reply to question being requested. Facebook has millions of community pages in which its contents are been auto-generated from Wikipedia. Through this, you can request information about their products or features if you can’t get those solutions from help center.

Features of Facebook Help Community

  • Facebook Help Community has a lot of provisions made for its users. Through the Facebook Help Community, you can share a question with your friends if he can provide solutions to the question or would be of interest to him/her.
  • On Facebook Help Community, if you find an answer to any question helpful or not helpful, you can select any of the options based on your choice. You can also learn from positive examples of people and association utilizing groups to construct a community over diverse interests.
  • It organizes leadership programs to build up communities connected online and offline. It also incorporates a tab known as ‘related post’ which encircles a large number of interrelated posts uploaded by your friends or fan pages you have linked up with.

Facebook Help Community

  • Furthermore, a user has control over his privacy. On the privacy settings, you can set your content to be viewed by your friends only.

As a user, you can keep an eye on questions and also be informed of updated answers. If you like a particular question or you are affected by that same problem, you can click on ‘good question’ which is always close to a post.

How to Contact Facebook Help Community

Have you been looking for answers to the problem troubling you for a long time? With this, you get to meet people who have also experienced such problems too thereby providing the answer on what to do about it.

  • On your Facebook page, click on the question mark icon at the topmost part of the page.
  • Click on ‘Help Center’ located on the menu.
  • Go down the bottom of the page, and click on ‘visit help community’.
  • At the top of the page, click on the box with words ‘ask a question’ inscribed in it.
  • Select the topic related to your problem and input your question.

After posting your question, relax a little for a reply or you can go the ‘support inbox’ located on the menu to see if any of the community members have given you feedback.

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