How To Add A Facebook Countdown Clock – Procedures/Steps

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Facebook Countdown Clock – Facebook is an online platform that provides many users the opportunity to interact and socialize with one another. One of the online application that allows large users from all over the world to interact and socialize together is Facebook.

Facebook as a lot of advantages attached to its usage, it enables you to reunite with your old friends by just searching for their names and adding them up. The Facebook countdown clock is also one of the benefits a Facebook user is entitled to.

Facebook doesn’t just provide a platform for interaction, communication and socializing. With the use of Facebook, you can advertise and market your business through Facebook. Facebook has a lot of users all over the world, so marketing your business on Facebook allows you to market it to a large variety of different caliber of people.

How To Add A Facebook Countdown Clock - Procedures/Steps

Apart from advertisements and marketing on Facebook, there is a Facebook countdown clock that enables you to monitor a particular event until the expected day comes.

As said earlier there are lots of benefits Facebook provides for its users, but these privileges can’t be accessed without you having a Facebook  account. Not having a valid Facebook account has automatically exempted you from the privileges and benefit Facebook can provide.

Using Facebook countdown clock you have the chance or opportunity to promote your event or occasion by adding on your Facebook page a Facebook countdown clock application to your account.

How To Add A Facebook Countdown Clock – Procedures/Steps

There are procedures and steps needed for you to be aware of for you to be able to add a Facebook countdown clock. Adding a Facebook countdown clock is very easy and not hard to do, all you have to do is to be aware of the procedures and steps attached to the adding of Facebook countdown clock. Below are the steps and procedures;.

  1. Make sure you have a mobile device with an internet connection
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Then your search for countdown clock application
  4. Review the application
  5. Then you click on the review, wall and information links on the left to make more inquiries about the clock
  6. Next, you click on add to my page link at the bottom left corner to begin the installation process
  7. Then follow the prompts to add the countdown feature to your account and access the application page.
  8. Then you use the available menu to select a design and date
  9.  Click on publish or post link to proceed
  10. After this, click the Profile link in the menu bar to see the countdown clock feature poster on your wall.

The above laid down steps and procedures will enable you to efficiently and easily add a countdown clock.

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