Facebook Business Page | Creating A Business Page On Facebook | How to Create a Facebook Business Page

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Facebook users, now have a free opportunity for business via Facebook business page, to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook.

Facebook Business Page

How To Know If Your Facebook Page Is A Business Page

To view all the pages to which you have access, tap the upside-down triangle at the top right of the page. Note, you can’t send a friend request to a business page. Facebook company pages do not have friends but rather have likes. People who like your business page will often get updates about the business in their news feed.

How To Set Up Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook business page is easy. With just a few steps, you can set up a business page to sell online Facebook.

Start by giving your business a name and description. You can name your page after your business, or another name that people can use to search to find your business. Use the about section to tell people unique stories about your business.

Next, choose a profile photo and cover photo that defines your business well. Some businesses opt for their logo as a profile photo. For the cover photo, you can choose an image of your shop products or from a current marketing campaign.

Thereafter, go the top of your page, and add a call to action that directs your Page visitors to do something, like visit your website or phone your shop. You can do this with just a few clicks.

More On How To Set Up Facebook Business Page

Once you’ve created a page, you have to do the following for optimum result.

  • Publish new content by posting new updates as soon as your page goes live. You can boost your posts and select the people you want to connect with.
  • Allow people send your business private messages to ask questions and get clarification, get in touch or make suggestions. Since Facebook Messenger is integrated with your page, you can connect with customers one on one.

Further Set Up Process

  • Add special content to your Facebook page to make your page more useful to people. These special features include; displaying your menu, listing your services or showcasing your products with a shop section.
  • Promote your page, after your page has been set up, promote your page by inviting your customers and contacts to connect with you and stay updated with what’s happening. You can also go further by running ads to find brand-new followers.
  • Lastly, keep improving your page, by clicking on Insights at the top of your page to see how people are engaging with your business. Here, you’ll be able to see how many people you’re reaching with your posts and which content they prefer to help you define a better content strategy.

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