Elon Musk Addresses the Problems of Model 3’s Production

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Elon Musk Addresses the Problems of Model 3’s Production- An interview between Sandy Munro, an automotive engineer, and Elon Musk in Boca Chica, Texas explained the problems of Tesla Model 3’s Production ‘which was designed for electric-power performance’, which is having few Teslas with problems while the rest seem pristine.

Musk elaborated on how it took months adjusting to company standard the issues of bottlenecks on the same Model 3 line and hence, still very hard to get everything right during the car’s production.

Elaborating further, he spoke on previous issues on this model that happened in 2020. This was about unequal sizing and gap issues in body measurement. Also, the paint on the body of some cars being unevenly spread and still having undesired spots and blemish was another problem.

Interrupting, the Canadian-American automotive engineer Sandy advised the use of the mega casting technique which Musk made clear of which can’t be used on this Model 3 because of the fact that it’s only the automaker’s newer plants that will get the equipment needed to do the mega castings but were already in use in the casting of the rear chassis of the Model Y Teslas.

It obviously was a challenging time trying to iron out every production process of the Model 3’s.

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