‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood’ trailer gives a clearer view of Netflix’s new anime series

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It’s just two or three weeks Netflix and Valve uncovered a secret trailer for the anime series based on Valve’s hit game Dota 2, however, now they’re back with a more drawn out trailer flaunting a greater amount of the characters and story components.

'Dota: Dragon's Blood' trailer gives a clearer view of Netflix's new anime series

As we’d heard, the story will follow Dragon Knight Davion who is doing his winged serpent chasing position prior to turning out to be “involved in occasions a lot bigger than he might have at any point envisioned.”

The slogan is “Do you know whom you serve?” so a few curves and double-crossing will be all together sooner or later. Book 1 of Dota: Dragon’s Blood will make its Netflix debut in the not so distant future on March 25th.

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