Dark Mode Facebook Settings Android | How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

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We’ve been anticipating the dark mode option on Facebook, apart from the fact that it will look cool on mobile devices or desktops. It also presents low power consumption on your device battery. It is well known that pixel colours have quite an effect on battery life consumption with the black pixels colour consuming relatively small amounts of battery life thereby prolonging battery lives.

Dark Mode Facebook Settings Android | How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

Dark Mode Facebook Features

Another important of the Facebook Dark Mode is the fact that it could reduce the rate at which users complain of sight issues at night while streaming Facebook, basically because of it’s colour intensity ranging from white, red, brown to blue.

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Almost everyone prefers to fully Facebook at night because we probably had a busy day and we just want to kick all that stress, hence the importance of a Dark Mode on Facebook, it guarantees a clearer view, less work for the eyes and surely a calm night rest.

Facebook has been testing their dark mode for desktops, IOS and android based devices alike by giving Facebook users the exclusive opportunity to choose between a dark or light mode. If you are part of the “Testing Users”, next time you log in, a notification will pop up informing of the update and asking you to choose between light or Dark mode.

These users have testified to how cool, beautiful and good the new Facebook feature is, although they are also reporting that it’s a work in progress feature with some minor issues. 

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Facebook is Testing Its Dark Theme Interface with More Users Now

Well, if you are not part of the “Testing Users” just be patient because Facebook is working on it and later or sooner, Facebook dark mode will be available to every device. Although it might take a little longer for IOS based devices to get the feature but am quite sure it won’t belong. If you really want to force a sneak peek of what the Dark Mode Facebook present, try logging in through Google Chrome;

  • Update your Google Chrome browser to the latest.
  • Visit chrome://flag/enable-force-dark.
  • Change the first pop up from “Default” to “Enabled”, after doing this you will be asked to re-launch the browser, make sure to save files or information you don’t want missing before you do this. Take these same steps to change back, except when you see them pop up, you are changing from “Enabled” to “Default”
  •  When the launch finishes and chrome open, log-in to Facebook via chrome and enjoy the dark mode chrome presents. This works for all sites visited via chrome.
  • If you want a Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger, go to your profile on Messenger by tapping on your profile picture and click on the switch at the right of “Dark Mode”.

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