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Contact Facebook Customer service directly – Support -Get Help. People come up with a different issue on their Facebook account, business page, ads delivery and so much more. It is vital for every user on Facebook to learn how to contact Facebook even if you do not have a problem regarding your account. There are different problem that might arise, that is why we have come up with a way on how to contact Facebook directly.

Many dealers, salespersons, or marketers have been enraged on trying contact Facebook support. Lots of users report situation having to do with their Facebook login maybe due to Facebook server or wrong username and password, billing updates, ads, etc. It is of our interest to lead you on how to contact Facebook support.

Contact Facebook Customer Service Directly

Reasons why People Contact Facebook

Nobody likes problem, but sometimes it just comes to you most especially if it is an online problem. There are different reasons why people contact Facebook. Facebook, where you get to connect with people on business, share posts and videos etc. experiencing a problem with your account can be so frustrating which is not what anyone would pray to have.

In addition, one might also have issue his/her Facebook login. It could be due to the page not loading, account being hacked, incorrect email address, and so on. One get could pissed off on such a situation which is not fascinating at all.

Furthermore, people contact Facebook when having issue with billings and payment which could be as a result of managing their payment method, changing their spending limit, downloading an invoice, changing their spending limit.

Moreover, it can be due to ads issue maybe a problem with your campaign editing, ads been disapproved, low performance of your ads. It happens to most marketers who might have issue in turning their ads on or off, ads been pending reviews and so on. Due to those reasons they attempt to contact Facebook ads support.

How to Contact Facebook Ads Support

There are several ways you can know how to contact Facebook about a problem of which can be through Facebook ads support, Facebook help center, Facebook support, or Facebook customer service; all depending on the kind of problem you are facing. Nevertheless, when trying to contact Facebook ads support, you need to follow these steps:

  • On your browser, input
  • Click on ‘find answers or contact support’
  • Click on the blue box with the word ‘Get Started’ on it.
  • A menu will come up with a lot of options, click on any of them that might relate to your problem.

After selecting a particular option, you get to have a live chat which will also be an option if you are not satisfied with the solution provided.

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