Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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Classic Facebook – Facebook has a lot of users, and for a social media platform its standard, its goal is to satisfy its users. Doing this means Facebook will have to make its programme easy and effortless to use.

Earlier this year, Facebook speculated about revamping its platform look by changing how almost everything looks like. This they did by changing the kind of posts users see on their newsfeed and enhancing the Navigation bars.

They also touched quite a lot of features on Facebook like where to locate “Settings” on the Menu tab and added some new ones like Facebook Dark mode and Facebook avatar. Facebook termed this change and revamping “New Facebook”.

classic facebook

New Facebook

The “New Facebook” option is all over Facebook and it’s one of Facebook’s latest update to help users navigate Facebook more simply. Facebook said that the essence of the New Facebook was to make Facebook more simple.

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Facebook is allowing users to test the New Facebook option by automatically sending them prompts. Once you accept the prompt, you will be taken to your Facebook account with a new simple interface.

Facebook allows users to test the New Facebook to see how users will engage and respond to the changes it made. Also, to find out of all issues affecting the updates and improvements made. So far, New Facebook is actually a work in progress, so there might be glitches.

But here is the issue, how do you switch back to the former interface.

Classic Facebook

If you’ve recently visited any Facebook’s support centre for an issue or two, you will find out that Facebook provides solutions based on two types of Facebook; New Facebook and Classic Facebook.

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I did explain what New Facebook is earlier. Classic Facebook is the normal Facebook interface we are used to. There might be a reason or two why we might want to switch back to the Classic Facebook.

Like I stated earlier the New Facebook is a work in progress, implying that it is not entirely free from glitches or mistakes. For now, switching back to classic Facebook is important, at least till the New Facebook is fully functional.

How to Switch to Classic Facebook

Now you are on the New Facebook, stick to this short guide to switch back to Classic Facebook.

  • On your account, locate and click on your profile picture at the top right corner.
  • New menu pops-up, select “Switch to Classic Facebook”.
  • Click on the Arrow just by the left side of Facebook’s prompt.
  • Facebook will try to request your comments, ratings and why you want to leave the New Facebook interface. Give them an answer or “Skip this Step”.
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Now, you should be back at the old Facebook interface, Classic Facebook.

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