Best 10 online universities for online learning in the UK

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There are lots of online universities that offer postgraduate programs via online learning. One could decide to attend any university for a degree but it’s important you know the university that offers the best course for that degree.

Here in this article, I will be putting down a list of universities in the UK that you can apply for online learning and the online postgrad program they offer.

Best 10 online universities for online learning in the UK

UK Online Universities for Online Learning

Here are the Best 10 online universities for online learning in the UK you can quickly apply and have your online study.

University OF OXFORD

University of Oxford offers a small selection of postgraduate courses via online learning which offers many students the chance to study. All online postgraduate courses at the university of oxford are run by its department for continuing education.

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Here are some courses they offer.

University of Oxford offers 40 taught courses and 8 research options

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Urban development
  • Medical Science
  • Research degree

University of Edinburgh

As a significant contributor to the MOOC system, the University of Edinburgh has a large number of postgraduate courses available for online learning.

Here are some courses they offer

University of Edinburgh 72 taught courses

  • Medical science
  • Law
  • International development
  • Veterinary medicine
  • History
  • Cultural studies

Open University

The Open University is the original distance learning provider of university-level courses in the UK. There are large numbers of postgraduate masters programs available to study at the Open University

Here are some courses they offer

Open University 29 taught masters courses

  • Social work
  • Philosophy
  • Translation
  • Creative writing
  • Environmental management
  • Research degrees

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has a long tradition of offering courses by distance learning and the institution offers a range of postgraduate courses that are either fully online or blended learning. Topics available for postgraduate study

Here are some courses they offer

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University of Manchester 45 taught courses

  • Engineering
  • Business administration
  • Medical sciences
  • Education
  • Law
  • Real Estate

Kings College London

King’s College London offer several fully online masters courses with six entry points to the online courses throughout the year, making it a very flexible choice. The subject areas available for postgraduate study online

Here are some courses they offer

Kings College London 8 taught courses

  • Global finance and banking
  • Law
  • International affairs
  • Marketing
  • Public health
  • Cyber security

University of Birmingham

Students from all over the world participate in online and distance learning postgraduate courses taught at the University of Birmingham. Postgraduate courses are available at the masters level in a selection of subjects

Here are some courses they offer

University of Birmingham offers 87 taught courses and 20 research options

  • Energy and environmental law
  • International business
  • Business administration
  • Public administration

University of Glasglow

The University of Glasgow participates in the MOOCs program and the courses available at the postgraduate level are concentrated in the Medical Sciences. The University of Glasgow also offers masters-level courses

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Here are some courses they offer

University of Glasglow offers 28 taught courses and 1 research option

  • Education
  • Creative writing
  • Animal nutrition

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers a good variety of both taught and research postgraduate degrees via online and distance learning.

Here are some courses they offer

University of Sheffield offers 23 taught courses

  • Education
  • Library and information management
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Engineering

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has a proud heritage of offering excellent education in Engineering and their online postgraduate courses have a well-respected course

Here are some courses they offer

University of Leeds offers 8 taught courses

  • Engineering project management
  • Healthcare ethics
  • Deaf education
  • Clinical embryology

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham participates in the MOOCs system and it also offers current students and staff the opportunity to access free classes through its MOOCs (Nottingham Open Online Courses) system

Here are some courses they offer.

University of Nottingham offers 226 Taught Courses and 150 research options.

  • Law
  • Education
  • English
  • Linguistics
  • Theology
  • Church history
  • Brewing science

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