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Amazon Facebook Page- Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. On Amazon, there are several categories of items like clothing, electronics, books, garden equipment, home interior, pieces of jewelry, clothing accessories, mobile phones, and many more. Amazon also has many other features. On Amazon, you can be a buyer or a seller, you can also choose to be random Amazon user just to enjoy the features of Amazon. It also has a Facebook page. On Amazon Facebook, you can see shared updates about Amazon. 

amazon facebook page

Amazon has a paid account and a free account. The difference between them is that on the paid account, you get to enjoy a lot more features than on the free account. The Amazon Facebook page like every other Facebook is where Amazon post their updates on Facebook. You can follow the Amazon Facebook page to get updated about all information Amazon posts on Facebook.

Amazon Facebook Page – Connect Amazon To Facebook

Amazon Facebook is available to all Facebook users, if you have any Amazon device like Amazon fire phones, you can connect it to your Facebook account or any other social media. To connect Amazon to Facebook follow the steps below

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet
  2. Go to settings
  3. From settings, click on my account
  4. On the next interface, select connect your social network
  5. From the options, select connect your Facebook account
  6. Provide all required information and click on done

You can synchronize your Facebook events and contacts, you can also send media files and contacts and calendar from your Facebook account to your Amazon device.

Amazon Facebook Page – Facebook Login

Facebook login is a process which all Facebook users just have gone through, you won’t be able to view Amazon Facebook page without logging in to Facebook. You can log into Facebook through the following steps

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Launch Facebook or go to your web browser and log on to Facebook to use Facebook web
  3. Once on the Facebook login page, enter your Facebook username or your email address or mobile number you used to sign up for Facebook
  4. Enter your password and click on login.

Facebook log in can be done with any device, either PC or mobile phones, and apps on any OS, iOS, Windows, Android or others.

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