How To Play What If Game on Facebook Messenger – Tips – Cheats

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Facebook messenger what if is a game that can be found on the Facebook instant game platform. This game is a very outstanding game in the world of games. The Facebook messenger what if game can be played using a Pc on the web version of Facebook.

This game is unique in some ways. This is game was designed by the play works digital limited. People you recently play this game with would be able to see your game recent activity. This game currently has more than eighteen thousand active users daily.

Facebook Messenger What If Game Online

How To Play The Facebook Messenger What If Game

Playing the Facebook messenger what if game can be very tricky, when you load this game before playing, you would be asked a question in this format “what if… you considered interesting scenarios” “but you had to click “yes” or “no” then click again to continue to the next scenario”.

Proceeding further totally depends on you; you can proceed by either clicking yes or no. this game can be an endless loop of what ifs. You just have to keep choosing the right possibilities from the scenarios you are given. This game might not totally sound like fun reading this post, so I recommend that you should play the game and find out for yourself.

Requirements To Play The Facebook Messenger What If Game

This game requires certain item before you can even access it. Of course the first thing you need is a device that is Facebook supported.

  • A good data connection.
  • A Facebook account.

Those are all the requirements for playing Facebook messenger games. If you have all of these requirements, then you should log in to your Facebook account.

How To Login To Facebook

Logging in to facebook is very easy, to log in you need to access Facebook on the web. To log in to Facebook,

  • Progress to
  • Fill the form on the login page and click on “login”.

Wait for a few seconds and you would be automatically logged in to Facebook on the web. After logging in to Facebook, playing the game is really easy. Follow the steps below to play the Facebook messenger what if game on the web.

  • From your account homepage, click on the games tab.
  • Search the instant games home page for “what if”.
  • When you find the game, click on it.

After the game is loaded, click the blue “play now” button and start playing.

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