Abuse on Facebook | What to do When You’re Facing Abuse Online on Facebook

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Abuse on Facebook- People get abuse on Facebook every day. Due to a recent study, one-tenth of Facebook users have gone through the experience of being abuse one way or the other. Getting abuse on Facebook is not something to be tolerated, that is why Facebook has come up with several things one can do when been in that situation.

I don’t think there is anyone in this world that would like to be abused or even bullied in this big bad world not even compared to online. Talking about abuse on Facebook, one needs to settle down and not to have score or to revenge by doing the same thing back to them. There are other things Facebook has put in place that can help you solve the matter.

Getting Abused on Facebook

Facebook has put together teams that handle any complaints on abuse, harassment that lays on its users. They are the safety team, abusive content team, access team, and the hate and harassment team of which have different purposes. However, they also work simultaneously to help solve those kinds of matter.

Getting abuse on Facebook does not only mean insults are put on you or foul languages sent to you. You could be sent some explicit content which is unpleasant and immoral. You also receive life-threatening messages on the social network.

Facebook have made sure all this abuse handling fixes within no time, making sure they are always at alert 24/7. As Facebook having more than a billion users of which amounts up to a country, nonetheless, they always make sure they protect their users and also their profile to be well secure at all times. Facebook does not take lightly any matter regarding abuse to any of its users.

Things to do When Being Abused on Facebook

Facebook is full of magnificent, delightful and fantastic stuff. On the contrary, Facebook also can be full of awful things due to some users who try to abuse people. When facing situations such as that; it can be so upsetting and shocking. There are guides that can help you curb such matters which will be discussed as you look through.

Facebook has placed tools to guide you to deal with such situations. In such situations, you can block the person which will put a stop the person from adding you as a friend. With such a move, they can’t check what you post on your timeline.

Other Things to do

When been abuse on Facebook, you can choose to also unfriend the person, prohibiting the person from chatting you on your account and also preventing them from posting on your timeline. Don’t try to revenge by reacting to the person because that is what they want.

You could report a person abusing you by taking a snapshot at the post which was abusive. You report them to Facebook showing them those screenshots as evidence. Don’t leave it as a secret to yourself, always get in touch with someone about such stuff. When something reports to Facebook, evaluation, examination, and detachment happens if it is against their policies.

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