$64 Million Worth of Bitcoin with no Password

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$64 Million Worth of Bitcoin with no Password– A fraudster in Kempton, Germany refused to give up the password of his bitcoin wallet to the police worthing more than 1,700 bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a major cryptocurrency that has grown popular in recent years, including others like Degecoin. But unlike physical cash, they’re stored in digital wallets that require a password. Forget the password, and you have access to nothing, including the money. 

The value of bitcoin has surged over the last year, peaking at $42,000 last month. It’s trading at $37,698.32 today. 

The police weren’t sure if the cybercriminal was just withholding the password or simply forgot and hence, cannot have access to the funds. He, therefore, made the man serve his two-year term.

The Bavarian Ministry of Justice still have no further comment. 

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