5 Best Forex Traders To Follow & Learn From

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The Forex Market is a decentralized and over-the-counter marketplace that caters to those looking to trade foreign currencies in the hopes of profits and sustained portfolio growth. Like any market, it can be a daunting, confusing & often miscommunicated minefield to navigate, especially if one is starting out for the first time.

5 Best Forex Traders To Follow & Learn From

There are many self-proclaimed gurus and savants of the market. Many with the singular aim of getting money from new investors for simple and clear advice that could be found elsewhere for free.

Forex Traders To Follow & Learn From

The following 5 best traders are of the latter persuasion, offering good and solid advice to new investors

Jamie Saettele

Jamie Saettele is the Co-founder of the “SB Trade Desk” and has been a prominent Forex advisor and teacher for quite some time. Being a technical advisor since 2006, he has solidified his reputation as a reliable forecaster and provides weekly videos known as ‘Power Hours’ that give market updates, forecasts, and general analysis of the week.

Yohay Elam

Yohay Elam is the principal runner of the “Forex Crunch” social streams and website. His in-depth analysis of the current state as well as a focus on responsible and effective trading through research and experience necessitates an inclusion on this list.

Quite easy to get involved with and an approachable teacher and trader, the various resources being made available through his social streams make starting out, easy.

Blake Morrow

Blake Morrow aka @PipCzar is another Forex Trader that gives sound advice and easily understood rhetoric to his followers across the platforms. He established his site “Forex Analytics” as a means of channeling all the daily updates, information, and breakdowns for all levels of traders.

His team of analysts also assists in providing up-to-date changes and live feeds through the website and Twitter.

Walter Vannelli

Walter Vannelli has the social side of his Forex trading game down pat. Having 35 years of experience as a Forex dealer, and then as a trader. His in-depth analyses are found free on Twitter as he does not currently have a website. Following him is a good way to get a quick and easily digestible understanding of the current state of the various Forex platforms and markets.

Neerav Vadera

Neerav Vadera is the founder of “G7FX”, an organization that has the expressed focus and tenacity to bring the most up-to-date advice to the masses in an easy to comprehend manner. There’s no hiding behind jargon and impossibly technical language with Neerav Vadera and his team. His YouTube channel has a host of easily digestible pieces of content that shape and allow ease of understanding of the current marketplace.

Its current iteration is a response to his noticing of the severe lack of traders that could effectively teach and impart useful and reliable advice

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