10 Basic Problems of iOS 14 and How to Solve Them Easily

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In as much has the iOS 14 has been of a great upgrade those who is using it right now, there are still little complains from user all because they want a better satisfaction of use.

In this content, we shall pick out some of these problems and give a reasonable solution for each.

Just in case you are an iOS 14 user or you have a friend who uses same software with you, you can kindly share this content with them.

10 Basic Problems of iOS 14 and How to Solve Them Easily

10 Basic iOS 14 Problems and their Solution

here is a list of what might be giving you problems whiles using your iOS 14, kindly read through carefully to find solutions.

Rapid Battery Reduction.

Everyone desires a long-lasting battery than can carry them for at least 18hours a day before they can charge it again. It can be very frustrating when your phone is always getting low faster than expected because there are so many things you might just want to achieve or probably when you find yourself in an important thing and you just need to use your phone immediately and there you see a low battery notification.


  • Turn off Apps Notifications.; Turn off some apps notifications and as well as auto download features
  • Update Software. Update your software’s regularly

Data Consumption

This is one problem everyone using a mobile device is facing. We all need a sufficient data that can last us do what we ant to do online and then the moment we buy data from our network in less than what we expected we are already notified of our data usage.

There is a possible way to manage your data very well.


Enable Low Data Mode; this feature is ideal for a good use of data consumption. With this feature your data consumption limit won’t be high.

Slow Performance

If you are that person that his or her iOS device is slow in responding then you need to do something quickly about it. You can enjoy using your device whiles its slow it can be more frustrating so here is the solution for this.


  • Delete storage files and unwanted Apps; get rid of what you are not using at the moment by deleting them off your device. Some apps and files are just occupying storage space and that’s why your iOS device is very slow to response.
  • Update software and apps; always update your software and apps so as to enable effective running of the device.

Wi-Fi Connection

If your phone Wi-Fi is not functioning properly, not to worry much. It may be due to a wrong connection or the connection was disconnected.


  • Forget the Network and Reconnect it; if you experience such disconnection, forget the connection and then connect back
  • Reset Network settings; if this problem still persist, you will need to do a resetting of your general network setting.

Bluetooth Not Working

Try out this solution to fix your Bluetooth issue on your device if its not functioning properly.


  • Disconnect the Bluetooth connection and reconnect it back; if you are having issues trying to send files through Bluetooth, disconnect the Bluetooth and reconnect it back for an effective connection.
  • Reset the Bluetooth connection and restart your device; reset your Bluetooth setting and restart phone to go back to its original setting or you can as well reset the network setting which is also important

Accessory not supported.

If you find your accessory not connecting to your device the way it should then there is an issue that you need to check out and fix immediately.

Most of nus have gone through this issue so many times and we still do not know what to do.


  • Ensure that your charging spot is still in a good condition and if its bad you need to change it to a good one
  • Clean ports
  • Update your software.

Random Restarting of Device

Is your device restarting its self randomly ten you need to find out what might be causing it. It can be very annoying when you are handling something important with your device and then your phone just restart itself. 

Fix it now before it causes more damage to you.


  • Optimize your device; this means wiping off every information in the  device.
  • Disable Power Hungry features
  • Update device and apps
  • Check if the battery is still good and if not relace it with a new one

Device screen blank.

I’m sure most of us must have experience this and sometimes we wonder what might be causing this to happen well, it can be caused by several things especially when it has to restoring files.


  • Force restarting of the mobile device
  • Use a recovery mode to solve this problem.

Can’t connect to Apple store

This is not of a much problem, to ensure this works fine, get the solution below


  • Ensure that your phone is connected to a working internet
  • Always check apple system status for app store.

Software Update Failed

This is one problem all most every user of iPhone do face and if you are currently having this issue kindly find the solutions below.


  • Connect to a strong Wi-Fi
  • Ensure your device has enough storage space for the update

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