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What are Facebook gift cards? Facebook gift cards are like every other gift card. Facebook gift cards can be used as a way to share love. Using a Facebook gift card is very easy. The interesting thing about this is that it does not cost you to send or receive a card on Facebook. There are a few sites you can buy Facebook gift cards from and they all have their own different rates. The best sites I buy my Facebook gift cards from is Gyft. This site designs a simple way that every new user can easily access the site. This site is also trusted and secure as I have been using it for quite some time now.

Facebook Gift Cards

How to create a Facebook account

Buying a Facebook gift card isn’t going to solve anything if you do not have an account to use it with. The gift card can also be sent to your friends and redeemed by your friends. To create a Facebook account,

  • Advance to the Facebook website using the official Facebook URL (www.facebook.com).
  • You may want to click the sign up link at the bottom of the page if you use a Facebook app or any of the mobile Facebook platforms.
  • Fill in your last name, first name, email address or mobile number, date of birth and so on in the form provided.
  • Prove your ownership over the email address or mobile number by following the on-screen instructions.

Complete your account sign up after the verification process. You can now proceed to buying a Facebook gift card.

How to buy a Facebook gift card

To buy a gift card,

  • Go to https://www.mygiftcardsupply.com/facebook-gift-cards.
  • Choose the amount of Facebook gift card you want to buy using the drop down options.
  • Proceed by clicking your cart at the upper right corner of the page.
  • From the new page that would displayed, click “proceed to checkout” or use a coupon code if you have one.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details and hit “continue with PayPal”.
  • Add your PayPal address and password to continue.

Follow the on-screen guide to finish buying you Facebook gift card. If you want the card to be delivered to your address, simply add it to the form.

How to redeem Facebook gift card

To redeem a gift card on Facebook,

  • Sign in to your Facebook account if you haven’t done so already.
  • Open a new tab and navigate to www.facebook.com/giftcards.
  • Hit “redeem code” on the middle of the page.
  • Scratch the gift card and enter the pin on the card in the text field provided.
  • Click on “redeem” again and choose your currency.

To finalize, click continue.

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