The Google Nest Hub and Hub Max Gain Three New Clock Faces

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Google has launched out three new clock faces for its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart display. The “Climate” clock face is the most fascinating one since its experience depends on the current climate.

The Google Nest Hub and Hub Max Gain Three New Clock Faces

The three new clock faces are “Timeless – Dark,” “Timeless – Light,” and “Weather.” Both Timeless clock faces are simple, including indented markers at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions.

Weather is an advanced clock face showing the time in intense alongside the current temperature and climate status directly beneath it. The foundation of this clock face changes relying upon the climate condition.

The three new clock faces being added by Google are not by and large new since they have been accessible on the Lenovo Smart Clock since 2019. Notwithstanding, Google has changed the clock faces a piece so their format better fits the greater showcase of the Nest Hub and Hub Max.

As revealed by 9to5Google, the three new watch faces have turned out to all Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max gadgets running the Cast firmware v1.52.

You can utilize a fullscreen clock face on the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max in the event that you are not very slanted on using a photograph collection or library as the backup screen picture.

How to Change the Clock Face on Your Google Nest Hub and Hub Max

Are you looking for ways to change the clock face on your Google Nest Hub and Hub Max, kindly read through the bellows steps to get yours changed right away

  • Open the Google Home application on your Android gadget or iPhone.
  • Tap on your Nest Hub or Hub Max from the room it is allocated to.
  • Tap the Settings symbol in the upper right corner and explore to Photo Frame > Fullscreen Clock.
  • Scroll down to the actual lower part of the rundown, where you will locate the three new clock faces.

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